Giving the Gift of Happiness!*

At Sonata, we are honored to see how our treatments can transform people’s lives. From Botox and fillers to laser treatments,

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the gift of a transfomation makeover!

skin lifting, chemical peels and medical-grade skin care products, we have the tools to help women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. We often see tears of joy as women look at themselves post-treatment, are able to see a version of their most beautiful self shining through.

As a way to give back to the community that has been so good to us, we started the Transformtion Makeover program. As a part of the program, our team selects a woman whose life circumstances have been challenging and who would like to receive the gift of a makeover under the expert direction of Dr. Janowski. He will do a full aesthetic consultation and together they develop an aesthetic treatment plan that will help her reveal her most beautiful self.

Meet our first beautiful transformation makeover candidate, Penni:

Dr. Janowski pro bono workPenni is a 51 year old woman who has suffered from extreme pain following a 1995 motor vehicle accident. The accident changed her life, and not for the better. She suffered through 3 neck surgeries, each with major complications and egregious errors by her surgical teams. The surgeries only aggravated her original injury, and ultimately resulted in the collapse of her neck vertebrae. The intense pain she suffered dramatically affected her life, and she had to sideline many of her dreams. She even had to drop out of college because she has difficulty sitting, reading, or working on the computer for extended periods of time.

Despite these major challenges, Penni raised three children (now ages 36, 26, and 24) as a single mother, and supported them through her work for the Sherrif’s office. Penni still suffers from intense pain that affects her day to day life. She has a prosthetic eye resulting from an injury as a child.
When we met Penni, she was suffering from intense daily pain. Dr. Janowski worked with her to relieve his pain through his unique pain protocol that combines trigger point injections and Botox. Because of the toll the years of pain had taken, Penni’s self esteem was so low, she didn’t want to look at herself in a mirror.

Penni recently got married, and we were inspired to give her a new lease on life through our aesthetic treatments. We want Penni to look as beautiful as she is on the inside. Penni has such a sweet and generous personality, and such resiliency, and we want to help match her outside appearance to her inner beauty.
Penni will be receiving a total facial rejuvenation in our office that includes filler, injected by the expert hand of Dr. Janowski, to add volume to the face and smooth wrinkles. She will be receiving a laser skin resurfacing procedure to improve her overall skin tone and texture and lighten brown spots. Penni will then have an Ultherapy treatment in her upper face to give her a brow lift. Following all of these treatments, Penni will have a series of 3 chemical peels to deeply exfoliate her skin, build new collagen, and give her a radiant glow.

We also started Penni on the Obagi system with hydroquinone and retin-A to improve and maintain the results of all of her treatments.
Once we have completed Penni’s treatments, we will do a big reveal with hair and make-up done by our wonderful partner and cosmetologist, Nellie Scholes.

We look forward to sharing photos, details, and videos of Penni as she experiences her transformation make-over over the next few month. We are honored to work with Penni!

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Update: Penni has now completed most of her treatments. She had 5 syringes of filler, Botox, laser skin resurfacing, Ultherapy skin lifting on the lower face and neck, and a series of chemical peels, including a Vi Peel. Penni is also using a full set of great at home skin care products to maintain her results.  Penni says her favorite treatment is Ultherapy skin lifting, which tightened the sagging skin on her neck and lower face. We can hardly believe the transformation Penni has undergone in the past 5 months. She is looking more beautiful than ever. She has also gained the confidence to launch her own invention – a unique new children’s diaper. We love Penni and look forward to working with her for years to come. See below for her AMAZING before and after photos.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient