We Want You to Look Natural!

One of the biggest fears we hear from patients new to the world of aesthetic medicine is concerns about looking natural. We’ve all seen Real Housewives, and other celebrities (and regular people) who take cosmetic medicine too far.

The goal is not to make everyone look the same, but rather to enhance your own unique, natural beauty. Every face is distinctive, and an expert like Dr. Janowski, will know how to softly enhance your own natural features. As Dr. Janowski always says, the goal is for your friends, family, and co-workers to compliment you on how great you look – without being able to pinpoint exactly what you have had done.

Of course, with any injectable procedure, there is some small risk of bruising or swelling, so you want to give yourself a little (easy) recovery time. However, once you’ve recovered, we want you to look refreshed, natural, and to feel confident.

One of the things we hope patients will discover when they come to Sonata is how many treatment options there are, and that there are so many minimally-invasive ways we can correct what you don’t love about your appearance. We detail many of these options online on our site and in our blogs. But, your best option, is to come in for a complimentary, educational consultation with Dr. Janowski and/or our master aesthetician, Laurel. They will look at your unique face and skin and help guide you towards some of your best options. Most of our patients map out some big goals, and then work toward them over time, with the understanding that your face will continue to age.

One of the best ways to see how naturally beautiful one can look, even after having some work done, is to come talk with our staff — who have all tried almost all of our procedures, and still look their best and most natural – perhaps just a little more refreshed and confident than before.

We love sharing our knowledge, passion, and joy with you – and would love to welcome you in to explore your best options for reflecting your best to the world.

It is our honor and our pleasure to serve you each day at Sonata!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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