Dermaplanning at SonataQ: Laurel, is that a blade in your pocket?

A: Yes, we’re going to dermaplane you today!

Dermaplaning is a simple, in-office procedure with no down time. Our medical aesthetician in our Broomfield, Colorado office uses a small surgical-quality blade to manually remove the top layer of dead skin cells from your face. This moderate exfoliation process also has the added benefit of removing “peach fuzz” (and worse, like those little prickly dark hairs on your chin and upper lip) as well as accumulated oils and even microscopic dirt. The process, which takes about 15 minutes, leaves your face feeling baby soft and looking more radiant.

At first it can seem a little scary to have someone – even an expert – take a tiny blade to your face (and the blade is tiny, it’s smaller than a piece of Trident gum, although it’s shaped about the same). Once you start to feel (and hear) the mild scraping, you realize it’s actually a gentle method that feels sort of good, if a little tickly. Also, it is sort of retro to think of someone manually scraping your face – no machines or devices with this procedure. It’s a little like an image from the olden days when men went to the barber to get a shave, although dermaplaning is much cleaner with no sudsy creams involved.

At Sonata Aesthetics our aesthetician, Laurel Glenn, often dermaplanes before other procedures, such as chemical peels. Scraping away that top layer of dead skin cells, oil and dirt allows applications or procedures to penetrate more deeply. You’ll see and feel the difference. The deep exfoliation has the added benefit of helping to resolve scarring (including those tough acne scars) because dermaplanning itself increases skin cell turnover. The more frequently you dermaplane, the better results you will see over a shorter period of time. You can repeat the procedure as frequently as every 2-4 weeks.

We are excited to add dermaplanning to our ever growing Spa menu. At Sonata, we’re always taking the extra step for client satisfaction.  If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation today and get your best skin ever!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / February 27, 2015 / Med Spa