Most of us don’t think about our hands, but almost all of us use our hands to communicate. Our humble hands get much more attention than we may realize. Hands are often a tell-tale sign of our age. While we use fillers, sunscreen, and skin care products on our face, our hands are usually sorely neglected.

Take a closer look at your hands, and you may notice brown spots, age spots, or loose skin and an overall loss of volume. If this is something that bothers you, the good news is there are many things you can do to rejuvenate the hands.

The first, and most important, is to apply sunscreen to the hands. Our hands are constantly getting sun exposure, and the sun is the enemy of our skin. I find this to be particularly difficult, and even though, I know better, my hands are often unprotected from the sun. We wash our hands frequently, and sunscreen is washed off. As a solution, I keep sunscreen in my purse, and when I get ready to head outside or drive home, I apply sunscreen to my hands and face. I’ve also heard of people who wear gloves when driving to protect their hands from harmful UV rays, and I admire their dedication!

The second key to hand rejuvenation is to lighten the appearance of dark/age spots. This can be done a few ways – the easiest and most effective is to get a laser treatment on the hands. A laser treatment will remove pigment and tighten the creppy skin on the hands. On your hands, it is a fairly easy recovery, with just a red, sunburned like appearance for a week. Many patients also love getting an IPL treatment on the hands. IPL (or Intensed Pulsed Light) works best as a series of three treatments. The pulses of light cause the pigment in your skin to rise to the surface and then flake off – leaving you with more even looking skin.

Finally, adding volume to the hands is done in the same method as adding volume to the face – by using a filler. Dr. Janowski’s preferred filler for the hands is Radiesse because it has the appropriate viscosity for the hand area, and it is long lasting (1-2 years). A simple injection instantly plumps the hand – giving you back the naturally youthful looking hands you once had. (see video above)

A final new trick we love it to put TNS Essential (growth factor) serum on the hands. Used twice daily on the face, neck and chest, I save a little extra for my hands, and am able to see an instant tightening effect on the back of my hands. Over time, I’ve seen the skin on my hands appear tighter and more firm. I also use any leftover Retin-A I have on the backs of my hands. My new goal is to treat my hands just half as well as I treat my face!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / March 2, 2015 / Skin Care Tips