How Do I Get Darker, Fuller Lashes?

The power of a woman’s eyes cannot be overestimated. A wink, a blink, a flutter—they have the power to catch and hold attention. This power depends on her lashes, whose contrast against her skin and eye helps to define and shape the eye. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with full, dark lashes. Fortunately, we now have options to help ensure that every woman has the kind of lashes that can’t help but be noticed.

Latisse Can Grow Your Lashes

If you have naturally thin eyelashes or if they’ve thinned with age, Latisse is a remarkable treatment that can stimulate your lashes to grow thicker. With many years of experience with Latisse, we can definitely say that it’s a great treatment: highly effective, easy to use, and with minimal side effects.

For many women, this solves the problem.

Darkening Your Lashes without Mascara

But what if you have naturally blonde eyelashes? Or if they turn blonde in the summer? Mascara isn’t an ideal option. At best, it’s heavy on the lashes and vulnerable to washing off, which can just be a mess. On the beach or at the pool, for example, mascara is a terrible choice—it keeps you from getting in the water, and can still wash off if your eye starts tearing because of the bright sun.

But eyelash tinting is a perfect solution. It darkens your own eyelashes so they have the color you want without mascara. It isn’t heavy, won’t clump, and it won’t wash out. Best of all, it’s long lasting, so you only need to do it periodically as your lashes fall out and are replaced.

With eyelash tinting you can choose the color you want for your eyelashes. You can have them as dark as you’d choose for a night on the town or have them be an intermediate daytime or dressing down shade, then use mascara to darken them even further for special occasions.

If you would like to see for yourself the amazing impact of eyelash tinting, please contact Sonata Aesthetics today for an appointment at our office, conveniently located for patients in Denver, Broomfield, and Westminster.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / May 19, 2015 / Med Spa