by Elizabeth Janowski, VP

DSCN0596Our (already) beautiful aesthetician, Laurel, got a laser peel today. She wanted to get rid of some accumulated sun damage, and tighten fine lines on her cheeks, nose, and around her eyes. The laser peel is a fantastic maintenance treatment. You will fade away hyper-pigmentation on the skin, as well as get some skin tightening.

What the laser does is create small micro-injuries to the skin. The laser is fractional, so it literally creates a pattern of little dots. The dots are the area “zapped” by the laser. As these tiny micro-injuries heal, your skin creates more collagen and sloughs off the first few layers of skin. The laser is able to penetrate into the dermis, and therefore, is able to create real change.

The difference between a laser peel and a full laser resurfacing treatment is just the depth of treatment. Dr. Janowski customizes the laser settings for your face and your skin concerns. A full laser treatment will require more recovery time.

With her laser peel treatment, Laurel should be looking red and a little uneven tomorrow. Over the course of the next week, her top layer of skin will slough off, and she will be left with a radiant and more even complexion.

Our manager Liz did the laser peel a few years ago, and you can read about her experience here. Liz plans to do the treatment again soon, as it is a great way to maintain your most beautiful skin. A lot of people are afraid of laser treatments, but they are really quick and easy and the recovery is often much easier than expected. The results are worth a little redness!

We will be following Laurel’s recovery and her results and will have a video to post soon! You can also watch a previous laser peel and recovery here.

Watch Laurel’s laser peel and recovery. She says, “it was so easy!”


*Results may vary from patient to patient

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