Med Spa Services

Both men and women can benefit from the med-spa services we offer at Sonata Aesthetics. We offer a full range of services that provide for a comprehensive improvement not just in your appearance, but in your health as well.

Undoing the Damage of the Past

Although our body does a remarkable job of healing itself, it doesn’t always get it right. Acne scars, shingles scars, and other signs of the body’s inability to erase injury can make us self-conscious. In the med spa, we can use a fractional laser peel or a Plasma Facial to stimulate your skin to take a better try at healing these injuries, this time with more and better resources to work with.

Although it’s generally impossible to completely erase the scars of the past, they can usually be significantly reduce.

Turning Back the Clock

As we age, certain changes take place in our skin. The body stops producing as much collagen, elastin, and other vital proteins for skin elasticity and vibrancy. The skin also slows down its process of replacement—you don’t completely replace your skin as often as you used to.

Many of the services we offer stimulate your skin to produce more of these vital proteins. Perhaps the best for this is the chemical peel. A chemical peel stimulates your skin and also removes old outer layers of dead skin, speeding up the process of replacement.

Setting You on an Even Keel

If you have discolored skin patches on your face, it can make you feel very self-conscious. Fortunately, there are ways to stimulate your body to even out the skin tone. Fractional laser peel and IPL are the treatments we most often recommend to address this concern.

Armoring You against the World

You know how important it is to protect your body against toxins by eating a healthy diet that is free of contamination and rich in antioxidants that neutralize damaging chemicals. It’s probably even more important to protect the part of your body that has to touch the world directly in every moment of every day—your skin.

A medical facial gives essential nutrients directly to your skin to help it do its vital job of protecting you against all the things out there in the world.

Med spa services in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Denver area offer all these benefits and more. To see them for yourself, please contact Sonata Aesthetics today for an appointment.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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