How We Reduce Pain:

by Lawrence Janowski, MD, Medical Director

The number one fear among clients seeking aesthetic procedures is the pain and discomfort during or after treatment.  Understanding this, I strive to make every procedure as pain-free as possible.  There are a number of techniques I use, and often combine them during procedures to maximize comfort:

  1. Dental Block – when doing procedures in or around the lips, I inject lidocaine in the mouth similar to a dentist. A pre-numbing gel is applied first before these injections.  The numbing effect is immediate, and lasts about 30 minutes
  2. Local anesthetic – lidocaine can be injected at injection sites on the skin to provide immediate numbing, and to reduce bruising risk
  3. Topical anesthetic – if time permits, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the face.
  4. Vibratory anesthesia – a vibration tool is applied to the face during injection to distract the patient and reduce pain sensation.
  5. Ice – ice can be applied to any area prior to, and after, injections.
  6. Lidocaine in filler – all commercial fillers are prepared with lidocaine mixed in, or it can be added to the product prior to injection.
  7. Tumescent anesthesia – for advanced or invasive procedures, lidocaine is infiltrated underneath the skin
  8. The “Snap” Technique – in my many years injecting, I’ve found that patients find a quick insertion of any needle causes far less anxiety, and sometimes, the needle is not even felt by patients. I like to use what I call a “snap” technique, which helps me deliver the most gentle injections possible
  9. Steroid injection – while not a pain control measure, if it appears that you might swell, we can inject a steroid that should greatly minimize swelling.

Home care:

  • We send you home with both oral and topical Arnica to help lessen the possibility or length of a bruise. We also send home Bromelain, which has been known to minimize bruising and swelling. We suggest you ice post-treatment (unless otherwise advised).
  • We suggest you avoid Ibuprofen, fish oil, and alcohol proir to your procedure, as they can increase the likelihood of a bruise.

Your comfort is of great concern to us.  Please let us know how we can make your experience as easy as possible.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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