botoxWe already know that regular Botox® injections lead to smoother skin and less wrinkles. New research shows that the benefits may be even more far-reaching. 

Dr. Eric Finzi, a Maryland dermatologist is pioneering the use of Botox® to treat depression. His research found that more than half of people suffering from moderate to severe depression who received Botox® showed “substantial improvement” in their symptoms.

The basic idea is that your facial expressions can affect your overall mood. Because Botox® can inhibit your ability to make a deep frown or “angry face”, you receive more positive “facial feedback”.

We know that the improvement in appearance that our patient’s receive from regular Botox® injections can positively influence their overall self esteem. Dr. Finzi’s research takes that idea to another level, adding evidence to the claim that we often hear from our patients …Botox® makes them happy!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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