SkinMedica has received accolades from celebrities, dermatologists, and many of your neighbors—our patients—for its ability to help them turn back the clock on skin damage and other causes of aging that result in wrinkles, lines, discoloration, and more. But what makes this line of skin care products stand out from others?

TNS Complex

The TNS complex is a central ingredient in SkinMedica’s formulas, and a large part of its secret for success. This complex is a type of fibroblast conditioned media. I know, that’s hard to understand, so we’ll take a moment to explain.

A fibroblast is a skin cell that produces the vital connective tissues and proteins like collagen that give our skin its toughness and properties like elasticity. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose fibroblasts, which is part of the reason why the skin is less able to recover from damage ranging from simple folding to sun exposure to cutting. These fibroblasts can be cultured in the lab, but they can’t really be introduced to your body. What they do, though, is give off growth factors that can stimulate the growth of other fibroblasts, which are released into the fluid in which they grow, which biologists describe as the medium or media plural. This is then collected and used as one ingredient in SkinMedica’s skin care products, which means that they have growth factors that encourage your skin to grow more fibroblasts so they’ll have more collagen and other compounds that give youthful skin its luster, color, and flexibility.

A Wide Range of Skin Care Products

SkinMedica utilizes the TNS complex to make a wide array of skin care products that combat anti-aging and scar formation and promote healing of the skin. Not every skin care product that SkinMedica makes contains TNS complex, but every SkinMedica product has a scientific basis for its formulation.

SkinMedica is a medical company at heart. It’s owned by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX ® Cosmetic and Juvéderm, and they hold this division to the same high standards of quality and innovation that made those other products industry leaders.

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