by Liz Janowski, VP

At Sonata Aesthetics and Weight Loss our passion is helping you live confidently from head to toe. We have a range of proven and effective solutions for helping you live your happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful life.

Dr. Janowski founded our practice in 2004 and is now ranked as one of the top physician injectors in the US. He has been injecting fillers for almost as long as they have been FDA-approved for use in the US. He is also one of the longest-standing and largest users of Botox®/Dysport® in the state of Colorado. His specialty is using Botox® and fillers to create the most natural-looking facial rejuvenation – taking years off your appearance. He is known for his advanced techniques, cutting edge treatments, and gentle touch.


is by far our most popular treatment. Botox® relaxes the muscles in the area where it is injected and prevents the frequent expression lines that lead to wrinkles. We also love Dysport®, a Botox® alternative, that acts in exactly the same way as Botox® – but which we have found our patients prefer for it’s fast acting results.


are our most life-changing treatments. Dr. Janowski calls them his “magic wand”. We all lose volume in our face as we age due to the breakdown of collagen in our skin. The sun takes it’s toll on our collagen – and smoking can accelerate the loss of collagen (so don’t smoke!). We also stop creating new collagen around age 40 – meaning that without doing things to actively stimulate new collagen growth, our skin will age, lose tautness and structure, and sag. As we age, we also begin to absorb bone – which you may notice as your temples become more hollow or your jawline less defined. Under the skin on our face, we have fat pads that give our cheeks and chin a fullness in our youth. As we age, these fat pads also shrink down.

The good news is…you CAN stimulate new collagen to grow and you CAN replace lost volume instantly with filler! Filler in the expert hands of Dr. Janowski gracefully and gently adds back in the volume you’ve lost and restores your natural beauty. Most people have heard about adding volume to the lips – and that is a very popular option, especially with Dr. Janowski’s “pain-less” techniques. Fillers can also be beautifully transformative when used to add lift the the mid-face, soften hollow temples, straighten the nose, or re-define your jawline.

Our favorite fillers (Sculptra and Bellafil) are collagen-stimulators – meaning that not only do they replace lost volume (as all fillers do) – but they actually stimulate your own collagen to grow. This gives you your most natural look – AND means your results improve over time. It’s kind of like aging in reverse – our patients love these fillers because they look better and better as time goes on. Sculptra and Bellafill also last much longer than typical fillers (like Juvederm). All hylauronic-acid based fillers, like Juvederm, last 6 mo – 1 year. The results of Sculptra and Bellafill can last up to 5 years. This longevity makes these fillers a great value for our patients.

In addition to Botox®/Dysport® and fillers, we have several advanced procedures that support your skin health and anti-aging goals. Our favorite is Ultherapy for skin lifting.  Ultherapy uses targeted Ultrasound (felt in the body as heat) to create tiny micro-injuries deep in the skin. This process generates new collagen – and this new collagen lifts and strengthens the skin. We have developed an in-house technique that makes the treatment painless without the use of oral medications – and we are proud to be the first people in the world to offer this pain-blocking technique as a part of every Ultherapy treatment. Ultherapy is a favorite procedure for those wanting to firm loose skin on the neck and jawline. It is also popular as a preventive treatment for those who want to prevent sagging skin in the future.

We also love our IPL: Photofacials and Laser Skin Rejuvenating treatments for removing sun damage and color from the skin and improving your overall skin health and complexion.

Chemical Peels:

are another essential treatment to maintain your skin’s health and elasticity. Our master aesthetician, Laurel, is a chemical peel expert. Peels accelerate cell turnover in the skin – which leads to healthier, clearer, firmer skin. We have mild to more intensive peels – and Laurel will customize a package of peels to meet your goals and concerns. We recommend that our patients do a chemical peel a minimum of once per quarter (or 4 times a year).

We were one of the first in the state to offer collagen induction therapy, also known as microneedling. Microneedling uses a pen-like device to create tiny micro-injuries to the skin. As these tiny, almost non-visible injuries heal, you rapidly produce collagen. The result is smooth and firm skin. Microneedling has also been clinically proven to resolve and fade small scars. We love using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with microneedling. PRP is your body’s own most-healing plasma. It is highly concentrated and when infused during a microneedling treatment, it rapidly renews your skin.

Our medical weight loss program has helped hundreds of people lose weight in the safest and most sustainable way.* The cornerstone of our program is one-on-one weekly or bi-weekly visits with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kali. She understands all aspects of diet and health – and meets you where you are at to overcome every obstacle and challenge. We help develop a sustainable, long-term eating plan that is best for you. Our programs range from 6-26 weeks, depending on your goals and needs. You are always welcome to have a consultation with Kali that includes a body composition analysis. The body composition gives you great information, like your resting metabolism – which is how many calories you need to eat on a daily basis.

We have B-12/Lipo-B injections available to all patients – which can give you that little boost of energy and immunity that you might need.

Our newest procedure is the Instant-Lift with Threads. Dr. Janowski is the first MD in Colorado to pioneer this amazing treatment. Threads are just like what they sound like – fine threads made of naturally occurring substances in the body. These threads instantly lift the skin and can be used in the face and neck – as well as on the body. An incredibly popular treatment in Europe and Asia – we are excited to bring this treatment to our patients. The results are truly incredible.

We look forward to working with you to meet your needs and help you “Reflect Your Best” self to the world! It is an honor and a pleasure to serve you!

*Results may vary.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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