Areas in the Upper Face Treated with Dysport®

Dysport® targets the main underlying cause of frown lines on our forehead and between our eyes as well as crow’s feet. Dysport® works under the skin’s surface and addresses the underlying muscle activity that is causing the wrinkling between and around our eyes as well as on the forehead. Three main muscle areas are injected with Botox® helping visibly smoothing crow’s feet, frown lines and the lines between our brows.

Glabellar Regiondysport in denver colorado from sonata med spa

This is the technical term for those awful “11’s” that can appear between our eyes. For many of us, this is the most noticeable area Dysport® can fix. This is also the area that can start to get noticeably wrinkly as early as our 20s and early-30s. When we frown and concentrate, the muscles between the brows contract, making the skin furrow and fold. Over time, this causes long lasting wrinkles, making us look old and even angry looking.

In our Broomfield, Colorado office, the doctor will inject five tiny areas, a single injection into your procerus muscle (right between the eyes) and four into the corrugator muscles (right above the top of eyebrow, on the side of the arch closest to your nose).


Reducing the horizontal lines across our forehead can have a dramatic effect on how we look and feel. Dysport® treats the frontalis muscle and the number of injections will depend on the amount of wrinkling to be addressed.

Crow’s Feet

Those wrinkles on the outer sides of our eyes resemble the foot of a bird or crow tend to become long lasting as we age. When we are young, these wrinkles only appear when we are smiling and laughing. Then as we age, they start to become more and more noticeable even when we are at rest, and not smiling or laughing. The doctor injects three areas of the orbicularis oculi, the muscles on the outer side of the eye temporarily reducing the activity in those muscles. Often these lines completely disappear.

Dysport® treatments usually take just a few minutes. Most patients report the procedure feeling like a series of tiny pinches. Dr. Janowski uses his specialized “snap technique” in our Broomfield, Colorado office, which makes the injections as painless as possible. There is no downtime or recovery. You can go about your normal routine as soon as you leave the doctor’s office, including putting on sunscreen and makeup.

Results are visible in about 5 days post treatment and usually last for up to three to four months.*

Avoiding Bruising

Most patients don’t tend to bruise as the needle is extremely small. That said, if you are prone to bruising, here are some guidelines. If you are concerned about bruising, please let us know and we can take extra precautions when you visit.

  1. Avoid blood thinners for a week before your treatment (if you can) including: aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil supplements and omega 3s
  2. Topical and/or ingestible Arnica may help reduce bruising and swelling
  3. On the day of your treatment, avoid strenuous exercise

*Results may vary from patient to patient