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If you are looking to get darker, more noticeable lashes without mascara, eyelash tinting is a great option. No matter what their natural color, we can give your eyelashes a dark tint that will make them stand out. For months, you can enjoy the luxury of leaving off messy mascara, and make sure that every time you flutter your eyelashes, it will be noticed.

Eyelash tinting is safe when performed by an experienced aesthetician. If you would like to schedule an eyelash tinting procedure, please call 303.653.9584 or email Sonata Aesthetics today.

Mascara’s Promises and Problems

Eyelashes are important to the appearance of your eyes. They frame your eyes and help you express yourself with winks and flutters. But not everyone is blessed with beautiful eyelashes.

The traditional approach to improving lashes is mascara, which, although it can work is rarely as good as it promises. Even with all the improvements in the formula and the brushes, it can lead to clumping and bunching of eyelashes, especially if you don’t use it up in a timely fashion and it gets old. If you’re being active—swimming or sweating—it’s rarely as waterproof as advertised. And even if mascara works as promised, it’s heavy on the eyelids and can make your eyelids droop, especially late in the evening.

Two Ways to Get More Noticeable Lashes

But there are other ways you can get more noticeable eyelashes. Latisse is a great product that stimulates the growth of your eyelashes so they’re thicker and longer.

But Latisse doesn’t necessarily help if your eyelashes are thin and pale. They can be longer and thicker and still unnoticeable. But eyelash tinting can help with this. Your blonde or grey eyelashes can be dyed a dark brown or black. This will help them frame your eyes and make them stand out.

These two procedures can be used together to give you the ultimate eyelashes—without mascara.

How Eyelash Tinting Works

First, we apply protecting pads and a protective coating on the skin around your eye, we apply a safe, vegetable dye to your lashes. After a period allowing it to set in, we may apply it a second time to ensure we achieve the desired color. After dying is finished, we’ll clean off the dye, clean your eye area and rinse your eyes just to make sure there’s no dye in there.

Eyelash tinting colors all your eyelashes. It’s essentially long lasting coloration of the lashes, but it only colors the eyelashes that are already out. It won’t dye lashes that haven’t grown yet. As your lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones, you may want to refresh your results.

If you are in Denver, Broomfield, or Westminster and want to get darker, more noticeable lashes, please contact Sonata Aesthetics to learn more about eyelash tinting.

*Results may vary from patient to patient