Mini-DOT Fractional Laser Peel in Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, Westminster*

Dr Janowski performing laser peelFor those of us who would like our skin to look way better all in one fell swoop nothing beats a DOT treatment. DOT (which stands for Dermal Optical Thermolysis) is a Fractional CO2 laser treatment. The best thing about the DOT is that it combines the benefits of many other facial treatments in a single very quick (20 minute) treatment session. Yep, the results are sort of like getting a bunch of chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments all at one go.

One fractional CO2 treatment – even on a low setting – has been proven to help greatly minimize wrinkles, erase fine lines, tighten loose skin, even out a blotchy complexion, reduce and fade sun spots and encourage collagen production. After about a week (which is the time you should give yourself to fully recover, see more on this below), your skin will have a glow that (literally) attracts compliments. Your skin will look and feel remarkably healthy and rejuvenated. And, within a few weeks, the collagen production stimulated by the treatment only continues to further tighten the skin and improve skin quality.

A “mini-DOT” is a laser treatment where the settings are set to their lowest functionality. We recommend a “mini-DOT” because the results are so fantastic and there is (compared with a high-setting DOT treatment) less downtime. Especially here in Colorado where sun-damage can be extensive, a “mini-DOT” is an amazing all-around treatment that will noticeably diminish the various types of damage caused by sun exposure. Fractional CO2 treatments are also the number one recommended treatment to address the wrinkles and other extensive dermal damage caused by smoking.

Unlike many treatments we now offer, we cannot call a DOT treatment a pain-free/no-downtime treatment. Rather, it is treatment that is much less painful and having much less downtime than the a full-on CO2 treatment (where the laser in not fractionalized). Indeed, very few doctors even use full-blown CO2 as the “fractionalized” treatments have proven nearly as effective and with quite a bit less suffering. The laser is “fractionalized” and therefore only treats little tiny areas of the face, spaced millimeters apart, creating microscopic “dots.”

We recommend you give yourself a week to let your face fully heal. That said, after a day or two the puffiness subsides, and the redness greatly diminishes. Yet, your face will start to flake a little for a few days as you regenerate a new more youthful outer skin layer. After about one week to ten days, your skin will be looking and feeling amazing – and the benefits only continue.laser peel in denver colorado

The DOT is a therapy we’ve been using for nearly a decade and we have hundreds of satisfied clients, many of whom come in every three years or so for a touch-up treatment. With so many new wonderful treatments, sometimes we can overlook the tried and true!

*Results may vary from patient to patient