A minimally invasive low risk, high reward procedure! 

We are excited to announce our newest "game-changing" procedure, the MyEllevate neck lift!  Dr. Janowski is not only a master trainer, but a master student of medical aesthetics. His constant thirst for learning and research has led us to this new, amazing, minimally invasive neck lift procedure that sculpts and refines your jaw and neck. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to find out if this is right for you, please email or call us today! 

What is MyEllevate? 

Put simply, it's a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that shapes and rejuvenates the jawline and neck. But what does that mean? MyEllevate and the ICLED light guided suture system (FDA clearance in 2009) was invented by Dr. Gregory Mueller, FACS, a board certified plastic surgeon. With his revolutionary system, Dr's are able to address the underlying platysma muscles and submandibular glands percutaneously. Put simply, this allows Dr. Janowski to easily place a suture support system without incisions - meaning that most patients will experience rapid healing and minor bruising and swelling due to minimal tissue trauma. 

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Short treatment time
  • Rapid healing with minimal bruising
  • Minimal downtime
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Beautiful natural looking results
  • Results are visible almost right away
  • Long lasting results

The glands and muscles underneath the skin, in the neck, have long been neglected by patients and Dr's alike. Recently, this area has been getting more attention with the introduction of liposuction, J Plasma, and injectables. Many practices are still treating this area surgically, which can be painful, expensive, and can take quite a long time to heal. The ICLED suture system uses an illuminated suture rod and suture system that allows Dr. Janowski to map out and place the sutures in precise locations, resulting in a much more youthful appearance and defined jawline. MyEllevate can also be used in conjunction with other procedures and services to enhance results. 

According to Dr. Mueller, patients can expect results to last 5-7 years! 

How is MyEllevate different? 

Dr. Janowski has been treating patients with MINT threads for years, as well as using a combination of ultrasound / J Plasma / and injectables to treat necks, jawlines, and the lower face. While those procedures are still going to be very viable, Dr. Janowski is very excited about MyEllevate to treat a wider variety of patients. The suture material used is a permanent braided polyester suture, placed a little bit deeper, right over the muscle and beneath the skin, than a traditional thread. Because of this new technology, it allows for a much more precise placement of the suture, and because of the material it can be much longer lasting. Threads are single strand sutures that are placed to lift the skin up. MyEllevate sutures are a long continuous loop that goes underneath the entire area of the jawline, supporting it over the long term. The suture is non-absorbable, thereby making it more permanent. While we are very excited about MyEllevate, MINT threads are still a great option for many patients, and it's important to speak with Dr. Janowski to determine what is the best course of action for you! 

Who is the ideal candidate for MyEllevate?

The "ideal" candidate is a patient who is hesitant about going under the knife in the traditional invasive sense - with minimal skin laxity and who is just starting to show the early signs of aging. It can eliminate the need for a full surgical neck lift in many patients, and can treat areas of the neck that might not respond to other treatments such as liposuction. If you look at someones profile and see that their neck line is starting to look like a ski slope, that is an ideal patient. Many patients have genetic issues (not age related) such as gland that are prominent underneath the neck line - those are ideal patients as well. 

If you'd like to learn more or schedule a consultation, give us a call at 303.469.0064. Or you can always email us and we'll get back to you right away! 

*Results may vary from patient to patient