Do your hands show your age?

hands-with-filler1For many of us, our hands show are the tell-tale markers of the aging process. Just as in our faces, as we age, our hands lose volume. Most of our aging hands also have significant sun damage, leading to significant sun and age spots.

The same treatments that lead to amazing, natural-looking, anti-aging results in our faces can be used on the hands. Hands can be filled with dermal fillers, like Radiesse. With a few easy injections, you can add volume and a youthful appearance to your hands.

Laser treatments using our fractional DOT laser can improve the discoloration and sun spots that most of us have on our aging hands. DOT laser treatments have the added bonus of improving skin texture, and tightening up the crepiness and loose skin we have when our hands begin to lose volume.

Give our office a call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Janowski. He can work with you to rejuvenate your aging hands, and give your one of your most noticeable body parts a youthful makeover.

Rejuvenating and Adding Volume to the Hands

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