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At Sonata Aesthetics, we care about your overall health. Dr. Janowski is a highly trained physician, specializing in internal medicine. He has a special interest in weight loss and enjoys working with patients to help them achieve optimum health.

In the summer of 2012, the American Journal of Medicine published a study showing the people who suffer from obesity who followed a physician-led, non-surgical program safely lost an average of 11.1% of their total body weight in just 12 weeks! That equates to 28 pounds on average, more than double the average weight loss of 13 pounds over a 48 week period on the Weight Watchers program.

Additonally, one of the unique benefits of working with a physician to manage your weight loss program is that you may qualify for prescription appetite suppressants. Learn more here.

Find out what the physician-led weight loss can do for you!

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Meet one of our very own “Biggest Losers”! Tifiny lost 101 lbs. in less than one year on our program!!

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What makes the Center for Medical Weight Loss different?

Find out why our patients love B-12 and Lipo-B (fat burning) injections!

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