I am here to inspire and support other women in reclaiming their faces, then their bodies, and then the world!

Elizabeth Janowski is the CEO of Sonata Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery and medical spa practice serving the Denver/Boulder area since 2004. As the thought-leader and business co-founder, she has been able to shape the mission, branding, operations and practices, and intent of the organization. Liz believes that there is a constant interplay between people’s own perception of their outside appearance and their own internal dialogue. Sonata’s mission is to help their clients reflect their best and reclaim their own personal power. As Liz likes to say, her identifying mission is to help women (and more and more men) reclaim their faces, then their bodies, and then the world.

The aesthetics industry is really in it’s early adolescence, and Liz is hoping to help it find it’s voice as the empowering, positive, and wellness-oriented service sector it can be.

Prior to working with her husband at Sonata, she taught both high school and college courses, was twice a graduate student, and spent time working in HR with the Denver Zoo.

Liz is a mother of two tiny ones, an avid dancer, and a spiritual seeker. She loves to write, and has written on both business, academic, and personal topics.


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