Lip Injections With Juvederm

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$500 for one syringe of Juvederm.

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Full lips can help you look more attractive and more youthful. If you are unhappy with thin lips, whether because you’ve always had thin lips or because your lips have thinned with age, lip plumping with lip injections can help you achieve the look you want. Juvéderm is a great choice for lip enhancement because its smooth texture allows for subtle increases in volume while maintaining a natural appearance. Dr. Lawrence Janowski’s technique helps people achieve great results with little risk of bruising or a puffy appearance. If you are looking for lip augmentation in Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, or Arvada, please call 303-469-0064 or email Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss today for an appointment.

Made me feel comfortable and made it as painless as possible! Love my new smile! I will definitely be back! – Amanda J. 12/11/14

Natural-Looking Lip Augmentation

When done properly, lip injections give you an attractive lip appearance, not just increased volume in your lips. When deciding how much lip filler to use and where to place the injections, Dr. Janowski evaluates three key aspects of your lip appearance:

  • Definition of the Border
  • Shape
  • Volume

All of these can be affected to a greater or lesser degree by lip augmentation, and it’s important that your doctor take all three into account to get you the best results. We make sure that your lips don’t just become bigger, they maintain a natural, proportionate shape that doesn’t look artificial.

Why do some lips look fake and other’s beautifully volumized?

Why Juvéderm Is Best

There are many lip fillers available, so why do we use Juvéderm? Juvéderm, specifically Juvéderm Ultra, is the smoothest lip filler on the market. With the thin skin of your lips, the injected material is going to be very close to the surface, and irregularities in texture can be highly visible. With your lips being the center of attention every time you smile or talk, you want to make sure that a cosmetic lip augmentation won’t call attention to itself.

The Best Technique for Comfortable Lip Injections without Bruising

Dr. Janowski uses the best techniques available for ensuring that your lip injections are comfortable, effective, and unlikely to result in bruising. We start with a numbing injection. Then Dr. Janowski uses microcannulas instead of needles to introduce the lip fillers. The blunt cannulas reduce the risk of bruising and are very thin so they minimize damage, which means less swelling and less discomfort. If you want to learn more about how Dr. Janowski’s lip injection techniques can help you, please contact Sonata Aesthetics, helping patients in Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, and Arvada.

Lip Augmentation with Juvederm

*Results may vary from patient to patient