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Acne, especially adult acne, is one of the most challenging and most frustrating skin conditions. No one likes a breakout, and it can be confusing to know to treat and prevent acne. Fortunately, we have several incredibly effective treatments for the prevention and treatment of acne at our Broomfield, Colorado office!

Chemical Peels

Medical grade chemical peels are the quickest method rid yourself of active acne and prevent future outbreaks. The have greater efficacy than topical treatments alone, and work more quickly than oral medication. Peels combined with our favorite topical treatment, Retin-A, can rid your skin of acne for good. Both peels and Retin-A increase cell turnover, which leads to a more exfoliated skin. All physicians will tell you that healthy skin turnover and exfoliation is the key to preventing the dead skin cell and oil build-up that causes breakouts. Peels can be done as frequently as monthly, depending on the type of peel you select.

While all peels will help treat acne, our most effective chemical peel, and one originally formulated to combate acne, is the ViPeel. While all peels will give you a healthy exfoliation, the ViPeel has proprietary ingredients that treat and prevent acne, like salicylic acid. Salicylic is a lipid soluble acid meaning it is able to penetrate the sebaceous glands and clean out bacteria, excess oil and dirt from your pores. The salicylic in the ViPeel drys up active acne, unclogs pores and removes white heads, black heads and various forms of acne with almost instantaneous improvement. By rapidly exfoliating the skin surface, pimples are immediately pulled to the surface and flushed out. The Vi Purify peel also includes all of the ingredients necessary to purge the skin of imperfections plus benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria. It contains an extra dose of Kojic acid that aids in brightening the skin and reduces hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. This is a medium depth peel that will produce maximum results.


Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to gently remove fine, viscous hairs and dead surface skin cells. Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin and done frequently, it will leave you skin clearer and more even in appearance.
Becuase exfoliation increases skin cell turnover and collagen production, is helpful in both preventing acne and reducing the appearance of acne scarring. The more often you dermaplane, the better results you will see over a shorter period of time. We also love adding in dermaplaning before a chemical peel as it allows the peel to penetrate more deeply and for skin care products to be more efficacious.

High Frequency & Medical Facials

High Frequency Acne Treatment uses a small device to literally zap active breakouts, killing bacteria and shrinking pimples instantly. A High Frequency Acne Treatment creates a germicidal ozone that kills the stubborn acne causing bacteria, stops the spread of further breakouts, and helps stimulate the skin to heal more quickly. We love it and it is a part of any of our Medical Facials. A medical facial also includes a deep but gentle exfoliation and extractions.

Skin Care: Retin A and Clenziderm

Retin A has been around for almost 30 years, and was created to treat acne. It is now widely used as an anti-aging treatment as well. Retin-A is incredibly effective in the treatment of acne because it opens up clogged pores. It also prevents your pores from becoming clogged with oil, dirt and bacteria. Used alone and over time, it can rid an acne prone person of up to 50% of their acne, however, combining tretinoin (the clinical name of Retin-A) with other anti bacterial products such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic Acid, like in the Obagi Clenziderm system, will increase the effectiveness of both products, rendering your acne practically obsolete. Retin-A comes in different formulations. Some of you may have used a strength in the past that irritated you skin and left it red and flaky. The key is to gradually increase the strength and frequency of Retin-A application. We also carry Refissa, which delivers Retin-A in a moisturizing formulation, which reduces irritation.

Acne Scarring

Scarring is typically difficult to treat and treatments vary depending on the type, severity and depth of the scar. We do have a few very effective treatments for reducing the appearance of acne scars. Our number one recommendation is microneedling or the Plasma Facial. Microneedling, which creates tiny micro-injuries to the skin and stimulates healing has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Done in a series of three, microneedling can dramatically reduce the look of acne scars. Retin A is also a perfect at home treatment for some types acne scars. Because Retin-A increases skin cell turnover, shallow scars will fade over time. Because it’s also stimulating rapid collagen production, Retin A plumps the skin, pushing the hollowed out scars flat to the skin’s surface.

We also recommend the Obagi NuDerm kit which lightens and brightens the skin using hydroquinone. Over time, you will be left with dramatically brighter and more even skin. We also recommend the Lytera from Skin Medica, which lightens and brightens skin over time and with continued usage.

We’re here to help give you the best skin possible, and give you the confidence you deserve!  If you’d like to chat more about how we can help with your acne, contact us or give us a call at 303.469.0064

*Results may vary from patient to patient