Renuvion cosmetic technology,
powered by J plasma:

Hitting the Reset Button on Your Skin!

best non surgical facelift in denver and broomfield, colorado

This amazing skin rejuvenation treatment is revolutionizing the medical aesthetics industry! Dr. Janowski and staff at Sonata Aesthetics are proud to offer Renuvion skin resurfacing, powered by J plasma in our Broomfield, Colorado office.

Because Colorado is such a beautiful, sunshine abundant state and we all love to spend as much time outside as possible, our faces tend to age more quickly than “normal”. At Sonata, we traditionally use any combination of fillers, Dysport, threads, and lasers to combat signs of facial aging like smile lines, sunspots, crows feet, and “smoker lines”. While our traditional treatments are successful, we’ve been looking for a truly “game changing” procedure – and we’ve found that with Renuvion cosmetic technology for facial rejuvenation, powered by J plasma!

As Dr. Janowski likes to say, Renuvion, powered by J Plasma is like pushing the "reset" button on your skin. Surgical facelift procedures can lift and “reposition” skin on your face to create a younger look, but there are many down sides including cost and recovery time. Additionally, a surgical facelift does not resurface the skin, and you are left with the same, discolored and damaged skin. Renuvion, on the other hand, both dramatically contracts the skin as well as completely removing the damage you've accumulated on your skin over the years.

We’ve finally found our “game changing” technology for a true non-surgical facelift. With Renuvion, using J Plasma for skin resurfacing, we can dramatically improve wrinkles, imprinted lines, and the irregular pigmentation that traditional surgical face lifts can’t do. Furthermore, the same device can significantly tighten and smooth under eye and neck skin. J Plasma uses a gas plasma technology far superior to lasers, and in fact, the results cannot be compared to a laser resurfacing. We typically advise on full-face treatments, but can also do spot treatments of the eyes, mouth, and neck / jowl areas. Renuvion, powered by J Plasma is a a single, once-in- a-lifetime office procedure. Dr. Janowski performs the treatment in office with only oral and tumescent anesthesia (you aren't going "under").

Before & After Images

non surgical facelift before and after
j plasma to erase lines around the mouth
erase the signs of aging with j plasma
best non surgical facelift ever
non surgical facelift in denver colorado

Frequently Asked Questions about Renuvion

non surgical facelifts:

  • What are the physics of J Plasma? 

Plasma is an energy state created by adding energy to a gas. J Plasma is an advanced energy device that combines cold helium plasma with RF energy. The Helium plasma focuses RF energy for a greater control of tissue effect, enabling an extreme level of precision and virtually eliminating unintended tissue trauma. Dr. Janowski uses a wand to gently “paint” the desired areas with the plasma energy.

  • What should I do pre-treatment to best prepare? 

After a free consultation in which you and the Dr. determine the treatment is right for you, we will provide a comprehensive “guide” of do’s and don’ts before the procedure.

  • Are there side effects, and what can I expect post treatment?

Although the procedure is relatively pain free, healing down time can last for about 2-3 weeks, with several months needed to achieve optimal “final” results. During the few weeks post procedure, patients can experience redness, minor swelling, itching, and skin peeling. You will want to give yourself 10 solid days of at home recovery to protect your skin and achieve your best results Because the J Plasma laser is hyper focused, it greatly reduces pain, burn scars, hyperpigmentation, and other such common side effects that are associated with typical laser treatments. Most patients describe a pain-less recovery.

Our staff will check in with you daily after treatment to ensure everything is healing properly and any pain is minimal.

  • What does it improve? 

J Plasma/Renuvion is a very powerful skin resurfacer, which means in eliminates lines, wrinkles, pores and other textural elements of the skin on the face. Along with this, it will remove brown spots, age spots and capillaries. It tightens skin on the face as well. When applied underneath the skin, it is also an effective skin tightener, causing skin contraction in areas like the jowls, the neck, the abdomen, and the arms.

  • Does it hurt?

The treatment itself is completely painless. The entire face receives lidocaine injections under the skin prior to treatment, causing the entire face to be numb. A pill to make you sleepy is also given, as well as the option of using nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). Numbing injections are also done for subcutaneous treatments such as the neck. After treatment, patients report some heat in the area for about one day.

  • What is recovery from J Plasma non-surgical facelift like? 

In the case of facial resurfacing, two weeks of redness, swelling and peeling occur.  One must be prepared for “social downtime” during this period and remain at home.  Post-procedure care consists of facial creams and frequent showers.  At two weeks make-up can be applied over a light pink skin.  Final healing is at 6-8 weeks.  In the case of neck treatment, several days of swelling and mild bruising are followed by 4-6 weeks of “lumpy bumpy” quality to the skin.  There is no redness or peeling.

  • How long do the results last? 

The results would be expected to last about 10 years for the face and 5-7 years for the neck.

  • Who is a good candidate?

The short answer is anybody that wants to address problematic areas such as:

  • Pigmented skin on the face
  • Melasma
  • Acne Scars
  • Sun spots
  • Wrinkles or imprinted lines
  • Age spots

While we truly believe this is a game changing technology for face and neck lifts, we also understand that it’s not for everybody. The best answer is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Janowski so he can listen to your concerns and determine if this is the right procedure for you personally! We do recommend this for our patients 60+ who want a new lease on life. As Dr. Janowski likes to say, "we can give you back 20 years!"

  • How much does it cost?

Because most insurance providers consider Renuvion with J Plasma skin resurfacing to be an elective procedure, chances are that the treatment won’t be covered. We want to ensure the amazing results are more available to everybody, so we accept many different forms of payment as well as a variety of financing options.

We have already seen incredible results from our patients (check out our J Plasma before and after pictures above!), which makes Dr. Janowski incredibly proud to be one of the few Dr’s offering this amazing procedure in Broomfield, Colorado. We’ve also created a few informational videos to help answer questions and alleviate concerns.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a free consultation, please send us an email or call us at 303.469.0064 so we can make your face our focus!

*Results may vary from patient to patient