Looking and feeling best for your biggest day!

For brides, grooms, mother of the bride, and entire wedding party!

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Your wedding is that one special day where you want to shine. It is also a day when the mother of the bride or groom wants to feel beautiful and radiant standing beside her beloved child.

We see so many patients preparing for their big day — whether as the bride, groom, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or part of the wedding party.

​Our best advice to all those lucky people celebrating a big event this year is to start your beauty preparations as far in advance as possible.

Some, if not most, treatments take some time to really show their best effects, and we want you to really feel your very best. You should be focused on celebrating – not on your skin – let us worry about that for you!

Some pre-wedding ideas for your best skin health are:

  • It takes 6 weeks for your skin (epidermis) to renew itself, so anything you are doing at home will take some time to work. We highly recommend Obagi skin care products for maintaining radiant skin – and you will want to be using them for at least 6 weeks prior to the big day. Our team is here to help you sort of what works best for you, what you already own that is great, and what you may want to add to your skin care regimen. We are happy to do a complimentary skin care consultation at any time.
  • Chemical peels are one of your best options for renewing your skin, softening fine lines, brightening your complexion, and clearing up or controlling acne. Our master aesthetician can walk you through what will work best for you – and what a good time line might look like for you to do treatments.
  • Microneedling is one of the most fantastic treatments for softening scarring, hydrating the skin, and minimizing pore size. It can be done as a series for your best results. It also has very little downtime – and so can be done close to the big day.
  • A Halo Laser treatment is a great choice for rejuvenating the skin, shrinking pores, and reducing pigment on the skin. There is minimal downtime, but you will want to do it a few weeks (at least) before your event.
  • If your big day is just a week or so away, a Hydrajet Microderm facial​ will have you glowing – with even, hydrated skin. It is also a great luxury treat that can help you relax and prepare for your big moment.
  • Of course, Botox®/Dysport® treatments are a great choice for softening fine lines in the upper face. It takes about 7-10 days for the product to kick in, so you will want to give yourself a little time prior to your event. The effects of Botox®/Dysport® are really best over time – as wrinkles will begin to soften and fade with regular use. The products last 3-4 months for an average patient.
  • Fillers are the best bang for your buck in terms of anti-aging, rejuvenating and lifting effects. Fillers cam literally turn back the hands of time – and we have options ranging from your own fat to shorter term fillers. Dr. Janowski is a world-recognized filler expert, and he can work with you to lift the face, soften lines, straighten noses, fill in dark under-eye circle, add volume to the lip, and much more.
  • Laser Hair Removal can be a great option for those with time on their side. You can reduce hair growth anywhere on your body. It does take 3-5 sessions spaced over several months — but imagine, not having to shave on your tropical honeymoon?
  • For those wanting long-term body contouring, liposuction can get rid of unwanted fat anywhere on the body — from your double chin to your tummy and more. We combine liposuction with the ground-breaking J-Plasma skin tightening technology to give you your best result. It does take about 8 weeks to see your best results from liposuction – so you will want to plan accordingly.

We are so excited to partner with you to help you have one of your best days ever. It is our honor and our privilege to help you live confidently – and we want you to step in to your big day full of radiance, self-love and happiness!

*Results may vary from patient to patient