Why Treating Chins is Important

The chin is an area that most people don’t think about when it comes to facial aesthetics. But it is an important one. Much of what we do in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics is attempt to correct areas that are not in proportion to the areas around them. With fillers, this can be accomplished in a number of areas of the face, such as lips, cheeks, and temples. If we bring structures into balance, the overall face is much more aesthetically pleasing. Such is the case with the chin. When retracted or proportionally small, it does not align well with the lips and tip of the nose, and the jawline appears less well-defined. But by using some filler (Dr. Janowski prefers Restlyane Lyft), it can quickly and easily be brought forward into alignment. It can completely change the profile for the better. One could alternatively get a surgical chin implant.

Another common problem is “pebble chin” whereby the the Mentalis (the chin muscle) is in a constant or frequent state of contraction, pulling back the chin and giving it a rough or textured appearance. A bit of Dysport® will easily correct this, smoothing out the chin and allowing it to take its natural shape. So let’s not forget about that overly neglected chin area, and consider these simple corrective procedures.

When you think about your face, you want to consider your proportions. For millennia, a beautiful face has been defined by the golden proportions of beauty – or the ratios and symmetry of the face. One of the proportions that makes a face more beautiful is the ratio between your nose and your chin in your profile. When you turn to the side, is the bridge of your nose and your chin in the same line? Your chin should not generally extend out as far as the tip of your nose but there should be a nice proportion between the two.

If your chin is recedes too sharply, your face may not appear as beautiful and harmonious as it can. There is an easy and subtle way to create more harmony in the face – by adding some volume to the chin with filler. Surgically, you can do this with a chin implant, but for a more mild or gentle improvement (without downtime), you can inject filler in to the chin to add some volume and improve facial proportions.

It’s an easy way to improve your profile and love your lower face!

*Results may vary from patient to patient