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People always ask me, "How old are you?" and tell me "You look so young." I would highly recommend Dr. Janowski.


All women deserve to feel powerful, beautiful and safe in their bodies!

beautiful skin


Late 20's

Taking care of my mind body and soul makes me feel beautiful. Eating foods that work with my body instead of against it, cardio, yoga and meditation. Or even having an outfit that is 'on point'.


Late 60's

What makes me feel beautiful? When my husband tells me I look pretty today. Colors that brighten my mood and completion. When I'm out with my 20 yr old granddaughter and people think I'm her Mom.

beautiful skin


Mid 60's

I love being able to look in the mirror and see my skin look radiant, with minimal lines and wrinkles, (a few smile lines are OK) and a bit of fullness of my cheeks.


Early 60's

For me, feeling beautiful is a two-part process. You have to feel great inside through healthy food, wine (ok, that’s just fun!) and exercise. Then you have to feel pretty on the outside which, admittedly is the harder of the two processes.

beautiful skin


Late 60's

Yes, life is full of surprises...and challenges. Today, at 68, I still feel like that teenager dismantling stereotypes; this time, less naive, of course, but empowered to tackle any twenty-first century cliche.


Late 40's

I paint. I have a vivid imagination that keeps me creating...I try to have fun, and take care of myself, but just like everyone else I age and gravity takes an edge.

beautiful skin


Late 20's

The feeling of rolling out of bed with bed head and stinky breath and looking in the mirror and being able to say to myself ‘Dang girl you are hot as Hades,’ is the more liberating feeling in the world. Sonata has made this possible.


Mid 40's

I feel beautiful when my 3 year old daughter tells me that I am her brave and strong princess. We've been through some transitions lately and to know that I am being a good role model to her, completely fills my heart.


Late 40's

People often say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but I think its realizing that you are the beholder. Our souls hold our true beauty.  


Late 30's

Since I was a teen, aesthetic was a necessary component of my life. I needed the beauty around me to reflect the beauty I wanted to see in the world.


Late 30's

My skin looks better today than it did 10 years ago! That alone has given me a boost from the look of a tired mom suffering from adult acne due to hormonal changes, to a healthy young woman again


Early 40's

I'm so happy that my face reflects my inner life now! I feel so much more confident in my skin! I am so grateful for Sonata and their team!!