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I have had a few services done here , and I have been very pleased with all of my results. I just recently had liposuction done and I am extremely please with my results. It was also a lot easier to recover than I thought it was going to be . Just a couple days of being a little sore . I have three kids and having this procedure done didn't slow me down with all my mom duties. The staff is just amazing and so very friendly. Every time I go in there I always feel so welcome and cared for .

Kerrie C.

This was my first time having any sort of cosmetic procedure, so I was very nervous and apprehensive. Everyone who works at Sonata is incredibly friendly, which helped put me at ease. Dr. Janowski did SUCH an incredible job, I am so so pleased with my results that I will definitely be coming back as a repeat customer! Thank you to him and his incredible team that made this experience better than I ever expected.


From the very start, Sonata was so great! I was in the Denver area for only a few days when I saw their website; Jeanette was awesome in working me in within 24 hours. When I arrived, everyone was friendly and importantly, on time! I had a great immediate need and longer term plan consultation, as well as recommendations on product. While there was a sales aspect to our conversations, they were not high pressure and provided reasonable timeframes and solutions!. I will travel from Illinois specifically to experience their care and results over the next few months. Thanks for everything!

Monique R.

Dr. Janowski, Thank you so much for all the wealth of information and expertise that you shared with us. I heard over and over again from my staff that this was the best training we have ever experienced.You are an expert but treated all of us with patience, understanding, and encouragement. We all responded positively to your gentle guidance. May you are your practice be blessed greatly and prosper as you continue to show your kindness and expertise to your lucky patients.

Marcy, RN, Dermahealth, Springfield, MO

Sonata Aesthetics is hands down the best in town! From the minute you walk in the door, you get nothing less than luxury and pristine perfection! It is impeccably clean, incredibly welcoming, and just leaves you feeling SO confident and beautiful! Dr. Janowski is beyond talented and his team leaves you feeling radiantly beautiful BOTH inside and out! They have won my loyalty as a client and I have no doubt they will do the same for you!!

S. Cerf

First, let me say that I dont get impressed easily and due to bad experiences I always expect the worse, in my mind most doctors and estheticians are either bad or decent but never that good, I am demanding and selective. I had my doubts about Sonata. I was thinking "Here we go again waisting my money"As soon as i enter the office I was welcome by the staff. They are super friendly, classy, professional, all the staff have flawless skin, when I say flawless I mean that, porcelain. Giuliana was in charge of scheduling, she is so sweet! she made me feel like a million box, her customer service skills are top notch. Sonata is lucky to have her. The office is tastefully decorated, Ive only seen gorgeous offices like this in New York and California. I was impressed.

I had a consultation with Dr J - He has an amazing personality, good sense of humor, approachable we were even joking about some silly stuff, he makes you feel uneasy and inspire trust. He took his time to explain things, options, he is very realistic and doesnt push treatments or products. Another thing I liked about Dr J is that he gives natural results, I saw a client at front desk, she told me her real age 60, I swear of God she looked 30's no kidding. He doesnt overdone fillers so dont worry about that .. I am very good at reading people and I can tell you this man is the real deal.

Later I met Laurel, her skin is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G she is very beautiful, and classy. Also very honest and realistic. I love direct people and LAUREL is one of them. I got microneedling, its not painful at all and the whole experience is great. We discuss future treatments such as Peels, and Vit C

I asked her to share one of her secrets she recommended Obagi and Retin-A which I bought right away.

I am seeing Dr J in the near future for fillers. I cant wait. will update my review after I get Dysport and Sculptra. I am also interested in their weight loss program I want to get into the B-12 shots, I heard its amazing it speeds your metabolism and make you feel energized.

This place is the real deal, You are in good hands

Maia V.

I loved Sonata. I chose dysport for my ugly "11" wrinkles and the difference is amazing. Dr. Janowski made it fast and painless. All of the staff is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. I like the feeling that this office really knows what they are doing and that they take the time to thoroughly go over all the procedures. They treat patients with total respect and appreciation. This is not an assembly line approach. They really want you to understand what can be done, how it works, options, etc. Jeanette and Dr. J. really listened to my concerns and desires (I'm terrified of looking "done"). They took the time to answer all of my questions & Jeanette made it fun, too. I can't wait to go back for more. I cannot say enough good things about Sonata and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone


I always feel welcome and feel the staff truly cares about what will work for me. I will always be a Sonata customer!

Annette V.

Liz, the staff and Dr. Janowski not only are great professionally, but they make everyone feel so good and individually special.I will recommend them to everyone!

Belinda C.

I think Sonata is an amazing organization and we are so lucky to have Dr J, Liz and the staff here in Colorado!

Marti J.

I have been going to Sonata for a while, now, and I can not imagine going anywhere else. I trust Dr. Janowski, implicitly. I have had fillers, botox, threads, and a plasma facial. My results are always fantastic, without ever being overdone. Dr. Janowski, and his staff are warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You simply can't go wrong choosing Sonata Aesthetics!

Keri G.

I have been going to Sonata for a while, now, and I can not imagine going anywhere else. I trust Dr. Janowski, implicitly. I have had fillers, botox, threads, and a plasma facial. My results are always fantastic, without ever being overdone. Dr. Janowski, and his staff are warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You simply can't go wrong choosing Sonata Aesthetics!

Keri G.

Dr. Janowski is so wonderful !! He does excellent work!! He takes his time getting to know you and really listens to what you are wanting and doesn't push any service on you. The staff at Sonata are so great!! They make you feel welcomed, and always taking their time out to see how you are doing. Just can't say enough about how great Sonata Aesthetics is!!!

Brenda D.

Treat me like I'm a friend. They truly get to the heart of what I am wanting to have done and honor my wishes without being pushy. Dr. Janowski is a master at what he does - no "obvious" work done to my face - nice and subtle, but enough to make me feel refreshed. I don't trust anyone else to inject my face with anything. That's how afraid I am of looking "plastic" and he never over-does anything, ever

Wendy F.

Each time I come to Sonata I am blown away by the incredible service! They treat every guest with such respect and attention to personal detail which makes for an exceptional visit. The quality of product and treatment is undeniable but it's that extra customer service that really puts it over the top!

Kellsie M.

Dr. Janowski and his team are amazing! They perform miracles! Dr. Janowski is truly an artist! After just 3 visits I look 20 plus years younger! Dr. Janowski sat down and listened to any concerns I had and walked me through each procedure. Thank you so much:)

Kathy C.

I'm what you might call a skeptic. I didn't think there was any product or treatment that could get rid of my melasma and hyper-pigmentation. I had tried expensive creams, microdermabrasion, oils, none of them seemed to work. I had even developed hyper-pigmentation in my wrinkles! Then I found Sonata. Scared at first to be completely "deconstructed" and told that I would need thousands of dollars worth of treatments, I was pleasantly walked through a few simple treatments that would work. AND THEY DID. I even started dysport injections after years of believing that botox would make me look plastic or paralyzed. But Dr. Janowski started with minimal injections to make sure that I was only treating the places that I wanted to treat. I wish I had a before and after photo to post, but my skin looks 10 years younger and people are constantly telling me that I'm glowing. Thank you to Laurel , Dr "J", and all the ladies at Sonata who were kind and gentle and who have made me feel beautiful again. I can not recommend this place more

Julie H.

Sonata oh wow!!! You know i've always been self conscious about my face, I am in the beauty industry and am on camera often!!! But, i always had this thing about my double chin and rosacea. The Dr. and the team at sonata aesthetics have made me feel nothing short of BEAUTIFUL. They have fixed me and now every time I am on camera I don't feel self conscious ANYMORE! Plus, it doesn't hurt the whole team is sweet and gorgeous. They are advocates for this office. From IPL's with Laurel to Precision Neck lift work and Dysport with the Dr. I am leaving every appointment feeling fresh NEW and beautiful. Plus, my lips are done and NO ONE can tell. Literally no one and that's important to me

Nicole H.

This has been my 3rd visit to the Sonata Aesthetics. I am always greeted with warm smiles and kind voices. I have recently recommended a few of my dear friends for consultations . That is high praise indeed!

Colleen H.

Sonata has made such a difference in my life and my skin. I am so happy with the results. I've had melasma for years. I thought I just had to live with it. The wonderful people at Sonata used several approaches and my skin looks great! What a relief. Everyone is so wonderful and I feel great!!

Rebecca M.

Liz, Dr. Janowski and the entire team are wonderful! So welcoming, kind and helpful. Makes taking care of my skin (long overdue) and overall health a real pleasure. More fun than going to the spa!

Michael S.

I came in w/my friend who has been coming to Sonata for a couple years. She looks amazing so I know they do great work. I was BLOWN away, the office is SO nice, the staff is wonderful and Dr.J is so calm and nice!! His work is amazing and PAINLESS!! Cannot wait to come back 🙂

Ashlee S.

Cannot say ENOUGH good things about Dr.J and Sonata!!! I went in for 1st time Botox and it was WONDERFUL!! Dr. Janowski does wonderful work and the entire team at Sonata is so friendly and welcoming. Cannot wait to go back!!

Ashlee S.

Very impressed! I went to Sonata to have a basic Botox appointment but I came out with so much more! They actually looked at my face with high tech machines and were able to give great product suggestions and feed back. The staff was very nice and professional and helped Dr. Janowski come up with an advanced treatment plan to meet my needs. I am very excited to follow thru with my treatment plan and I can see why they are ranked #1! Thank you so much Sonata! I will see you soon!

Shannon H.

The team is always kind, gracious and helpful. Options are reviewed at each appointment, which allows me to make good decisions for my treatments. I always look forward to my appointment. Thank you for being my sanctuary

Robin J.

Exceeded all my expectations!!!

Jill S.

Wonderful staff and Dr. Janowski is the best at what he does. I am always amazed at the results. This practice is first class.

Corey L.

Sonata Aesthetics is always an amazing experience. The team there is welcoming, friendly, and totally puts you at ease. My questions were answered thoroughly before a new procedure and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonata to anyone looking to improve their self esteem and live their best life

Elizabeth K.

I love coming to see Laurel and all the beautiful ladies at Sonata. I have had chemical peels, IPL laser and my personal favorite the plasma facial! My skin is looking so much better since I began my treatments only a couple of months ago! So I started my daughter on treatments for her cystic acne and scar treatments. We are so excited with the results! WOW! I have tried so many places for skin rejuvenation and have tried so many options to assist my daughter with her cystic acne... hands down, Sonata is the only place that delivers real results and stands by their treatment process, no excuses! LOVE THIS PLACE!

Jayna M.

Dr. Janowski is so gentle you don't even feel the injections. The staff is so friendly and nice you feel very comfortable right away. 

Judy J.

Dr Janowski and all of his staff are the most professional and friendliest people! The treatments and care provided are A+. I would not even consider going elsewhere.

Iris M.

Dr. Janowski ranks 20th in the nation for the amazing facial sculpting he does! I rate him #1! Dr. Janowski was professional, kind and patient. He took the time to explain everything he was going to do. His sat down and explained the procedure to me and thoroughly answered all my questions. The procedure was amazing and painless. Dr. Janowski's treatment room was beautiful and sterile. I felt completely at ease during my procedure with the utmost confidence in Dr. Janowski and his nurses! The second you walk into the office you are personally greeted with smiles and you immediately feel welcome! The office is gorgeous thanks to his wonderful and beautiful wife who plays a very active role in Sonata Aesthetics!

Kattie C.

Dr. Janowski is truly meant to do this type of work. He is really good at it, he has such an artful eye of the woman's facial structure and a very gentle bedside manner. A win win combo! Not to leave out his sweet, sweet natured sidekick, Krystyna....what a great team they make.

Becky S.

I am beyond happy with Sonata and with everyone on their staff! First let me speak to the results! After all, that's what we all seek when we reach out to a new provider. Each and every concern/goal I came to them with has yielded wonderful results based on their recommended treatment and procedures! Again, could not be happier! Something else that I feel strongly belongs in this review is how genuinely each staff member cares about their patients. Truly, you can see it and feel it with every phone call, every visit, always professional and sincere. Sonata has been a blessing! (Special thanks to Laurel)

Heather M.

​I was shopping around for a while and had several consultations at other locations until I came across Sonata. After my initial visit I immediately went right in to the service. The staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease, they really have your best interest in mind! Results for the treatment I wanted were above and beyond what I expected. Patient care and bed side manner by Dr. Janowski was exceptional and the staff is amazing. I love all of the services they offer, they are definitely worth the drive for my visits, I won't be going anywhere else! Thank you!

Trixie J.

​The staff was great, the vibe was awesome and everyone was very friendly. I will be returning back for sure.

Frank T.

Each time I have been to Sonata I am treated so well, they really do make a person feel special. Thank you Sonata for helping me feel better about my skin

L. Roybal

I am happy to find kindness in an unkind world. Thank you for being a positive force.

 J. Gardener

I just wanted to express gratitude for a wonderful experience getting Dysport on Saturday 11/12 with Michele and Gail. Both were professional, friendly, and made me feel at home. I am very happy with my results which I have begun to see after 5 days. I will be recommending Sonata to all my friends and I look forward to seeing Gail again, as she took an interest in my specific concerns.

Lauren M.

I have been going to Dr. J for over 10 years & he's the best!! He is incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and I trust him implicitly. The staff is wonderful and caring, and the new office is beautiful. You get what you pay for, and I wouldn't go to anywhere else!

Robin M.

Sonata is such a friendly and welcoming place! The staff is super pleasant and helpful. They are always happy to answer my questions and cater my treatments for my specific needs.  They will never pressure you into any treatment or service. 

E. Klein

My visit was great! Painless as possible! The Dr., and Gail were very good to me as they always are! Jeanette was absolutely essential to me financially and for organizing the costs in my folder!! Absolutely delightful staff at the desk! Love my visits there!!! Thank you all!


The staff at Sonata made me feel so welcome after much hesitation on my first med-spa visit. They all took their time to answer any questions I had and as a result have been back many times since then. There has never been any pressure to have any service or buy any products I wasn't completely comfortable with. I appreciate how educated they are and how they relate that to my specific needs


Wonderful staff and Dr.. I appreciated the education process about my skin and the time taken to make sure I knew all the options.


Great staff!!! Dr J. Is amazing, very professional. I love the fact that you are getting in my opinion the best care money can buy!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you every one!!! You all are awesome!


Went in for a facial but really wasn't sure what kind and Laurel helped walk me through all of the options and I absolutely LOVE what she chose for me. The results have been incredible, it felt amazing and I was beyond impressed with the service. Everyone there was fantastic, I will definitely be going back!


The personnel at Sonata are amazing. They make you feel really comfortable. With their expertise, I know they are going to help me achieve the goals I want to look and feel amazing. With the best prices in Denver, I know I will reach my goal soon. Thanks Sonata Staff for all the great work you do!

Rosa L.

I have been with Sonata for over 5 years. Dr. Janowski and his staff are amazing. Jeanette Hanley has always been helpful and she will find the perfect service to accommodate your needs. Dr. Janowski is very knowledgeable, considerate and patient. I tried several places and I found Sonata Laser to be the absolute best. Their new office is beautiful!

June N.

Excellent service from everyone at Sonata. Dr Janowski is an artist. I like that he does not push anything but gives his opinion and thoughts on procedures. I will continue to go to them for all my needs. Thank you all! - Tracie T, 10/4/16

Traci T.

Dr Janowski is the absolute best! I have never been as pleased with my results with any other provider. His skill is unsurpassed.

Jodi C.

This was my first time at Sonata Aesthetics and I was treated from the time I walked in to the time I left as though I was the chosen to be Queen for a Day! The service and professionalism was over the top. Gail, Michelle, Dr. Janowski were the best! Thank you everyone. I look forward to years of service!


This is amazing!!! I did the plasma injection yesterday & my skin looks perfect!!! Underage bags are gone, darkness gone, skin is PERFECTLY PLUMP!HOW DO I GET IT TO LOOK LIKE THIS ALWAYS???

Jessica W.

My first visit could not have been a better one! Such a positive experience from start to finish. As soon as I walked in the door a warm smile greeted me and made me feel comfortable. Everyone there proved to me I had come to the right place. The staff was wonderful! Dr Janowski Is amazing! Very impressed with his skills and talent in all he did for me. Painless and no bruising!!! I left looking enhanced , not overdone. Thank you !

Susan H.

Excellent service as always. Love the new location! Tried Dysport, amazing, quicker results!


I worked with Kali and successfully lost 33 pounds in 18 weeks. Having someone to consult with along the way was very helpful. I would recommend this weight loss clinic to anyone who is committed to losing weight.

Monica I.

Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss has the nicest staff around! You will feel welcomed from the second you step in the office! The doctor is friendly, gentle and honest. Everyone is very polite and knowledgeable. Even if you don’t quite know what you’d like they all help you come to a solution that everyone is happy with!