Jade's Story

Chef - Late 30's

I feel beautiful when I am taking care of myself - spending time alone to recharge, going for a walk, taking the time to eat well, making sure I am getting enough sleep; those few things nourish my mind and body - allowing me to be present in my day, and enabling me to feel, and nurture. When I feel well, I love well - and that makes me feel beautiful.

I am in a place of transition - discovering hobbies, wishes, and dreams that I haven’t thought about, or even knew existed, since becoming a mom 13 years ago. It’s so easy to forget about yourself in the midst of raising children.   

I feel like one of the most unique parts of me is my mother - she is my history, and a part of who I am. We are so different in the ways of how we project ourselves externally - she doesn’t care about how she looks, or what she’s wearing, or even what people think of her. But we are the same in the ways of our heart - beauty is compassion and kindness, knowledge and understanding, love and acceptance. She taught me those things, and I get to pass that knowledge along to my own daughters.

Sonata has helped me live confidently in so many ways!

My skin looks better today than it did 10 years ago! That alone has given me a boost from the look of a tired mom suffering from adult acne due to hormonal changes, to a healthy young woman again. What I love most about the treatments I received from Sonata, is that my skin is continuing to change for the better - it’s healing from the inside out. I feel like me again - no more adult acne, or dull skin. I feel like I’m glowing. I feel amazing!  

I absolutely recommend Sonata because there’s something really special here. It’s not a medical spa encouraging you to “fix” yourself, but rather a place where you are welcomed, and celebrated to “live confidently” - to match on the outside how you feel on the inside. The lovely staff are welcoming, and knowledgeable - you know you’re in good hands with each team member. Dr. Janowski is uber talented, with a gentle touch - I immediately felt at ease, and knew I could trust him with the procedures. I absolutely love the treatments and skincare - I feel like there is a noticeable difference, but still very natural, still very me.

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