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Medical facials and peels

Our medical facials and peels are designed to not just rejuvenate your facial appearance, but improve the health of your skin. There is no single formula we use—each one is custom-designed for you. A medical facial or peel can be designed to help improve the appearance of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin color. It can also be designed as a medical treatment, intended to treat acne, rosacea, and other skin health issues.

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All Medical Facials include the advanced technology of the High Frequency Acne Treatment. A High Frequency Acne Treatment uses a small device that creates a germicidal ozone that kills stubborn acne causing bacteria, stops the spread of further breakouts and helps stimulate the skin to heal more quickly. We love it because the device literally makes your active breakout disappear, killing all bacteria, and often times making acne flake away within a day or so of having it treated.

Why a Medical Facial?

A medical facial is intended to help improve the health and appearance of your skin. Your skin has a very hard job: it’s the only thing separating your inside from everything outside. As a result, it’s constantly bombarded with pollution, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, radiation (including sunlight), and other stresses. These take their toll on your skin, which benefits from periodically removing these stressors and revitalizing it.

A medical facial is like a mild chemical peel that is intended to revitalize the skin by removing a very slight outer layer of skin, along with all the superficial damage and contamination, and delivering vital nutrients and medication.

What Can a Medical Facial Do?

A medical facial can be designed to accomplish many things for your skin. Most commonly, people request a medical facial for acne treatment, but it actually has a wide range of treatment abilities, including:

  • Blackheads
  • Acne
  • Congestion
  • Large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet
  • Discoloration, including sun spots and age spots
  • Facial redness, including rosacea

The degree of improvement for each of these concerns depends on many factors. In some cases, we may recommend a chemical peel, laser peel, or other treatment option instead.

Designing Your Medical Facial

As we mentioned above, our medical facials are customized for your needs. We will begin by listening to your cosmetic goals and helping you prioritize them as necessary before deciding on the specific goals for your medical facial. We can design a more aggressive treatment or a less aggressive one depending on how much you want to achieve during your procedure.

We will then design a facial for you that incorporates medical-grade ingredients to achieve your skin care goals.

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Read below to find out more about the services we offer. Or if you would prefer to speak to a live customer care rep, give us a call at 303.469.0064. We look forward to serving you! 

The Plasma or PRP facial

This amazing facial goes by many different names - the plasma facial, stem cell facial,PRP, Vampire Facial (partly made famous by Kim Kardashian), and the PRFM facial. No matter what it's called, it's one of the best facials ever for rejuvenating your skin and giving you an amazing "glow"! 

This facial is an easy, in-office procedure that combines microneedling and your own Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP).

What is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is derived from your own blood, using a quick blood draw. The blood is spun down using a proprietary tube that condenses the plasma (a yellowish-clear substance) for maximum benefit.

Inside your blood, among other things, are platelets, whose job it is to form a blood clot when we bleed. Platelets contain a number of substances called growth factors. Growth factors signal the body to repair damaged tissue and rebuild tissue. This is why PRP has become so important in the field of aesthetics, as well as orthopedics, surgery and other medical fields.

PRP contains concentrated growth factors. When injected or applied to an area of the face, these growth factors can signal new collagen and tissue growth, improving skin quality and youthfulness. When you think about it, it’s quite incredible that we are able to harness our body’s own natural healing mechanism to improve beauty, simply by drawing a small amount of blood into a special tube and spinning it down.

One of the most effective areas to use PRP in is the under-eye area. This is an area where the skin gets thin, crepey, saggy and wrinkled. PRP works remarkably well to soften wrinkles, tighten tissue and brighten the under eye. It can be combined with a filler such as Restylane if volume is also needed there.

PRP can theoretically be placed anywhere we would like to see improvement in skin quality. Our patients love PRP for helping generate new collagen growth in the skin – and for giving them a “glow”. Injecting PRP won’t add any volume to the face as fillers do, but can stimulate rapid collagen regeneration.

How It Works

Microneedling uses a small pen-like device with fast moving and very tiny needles to infuse products into the skin. By creating small micro-injuries to the skin, and then infusing healing topical products into those tiny injuries, you are able to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production, and potentially reduce the look of small scars. Additionally, microneedling is an excellent procedure for improving skin tone and texture.

Topical serums, such as our favorite the Regenica Growth Factor by Obagi, can be used with the microneedling device for their added skin stimulating benefit.

The Plasma Facial takes this fantastic procedure to the next level by using your body's own most healing agent, your Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP), to heal and renew this skin. With a quick in office blood draw, your own blood is spun down with a proprietary technique allowing your own plasma (which has a yellowish clear color) to separate for your red blood cells. This plasma is then reformulated and applied to your skin. The microneedling pen drives your plasma into your skin, and stimulates a deep healing response.

We apply a medical-grade growth factor serum onto the skin immediately post-procedure, maximizing the benefits of the procedure.

Because this procedure uses a device to penetrate your dermis, it is a medical procedure and should only be done in a Doctor's office. We topically numb our patients to make the procedure comfortable. Most patients tolerate the procedure with very little discomfort and minimal healing time.

Who Gets Plasma Facials?

If you suffer from premature wrinkles, have had high levels of sun exposure damage, or if you have tried other methods that have failed, the PRP plasma facial could be an ideal option for you. The procedure is appropriate for almost everyone and works best in a series of 3-6 treatments, spaced at least 2 weeks apart. Your skin will be red the day of the procedure, but healing time is generally less than 48 hours.

If you have a history of blood diseases including clotting or bleeding disorders, it's best to consult your physician to see if PRP is suitable for you. 

What can PRP / Plasma facials be used for?

We've seen fantastic results for patients looking to:

  • Improve skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of small scars
  • Tighten lax skin
  • Treat ongoing acne
  • Stimulate collagen growth
  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

Are Platelet Rich Plasma facials safe? 

PRP therapy is a very low risk treatment. 

The only complications you might encounter are bruising around the site of treatment, some minor discomfort from the blood draw, and some redness around the treated area on the day of the treatment. 

The Stem Cell Facial

The stem cell facial is one of our most exciting treatment options for skin rejuvenation. It’s a Hollywood favorite because it hydrates and revitalizes the skin – leaving your skin with a glow. The treatments combines the power of your own stem cells, found in your fat, with the collagen-inducing effects of microneedling.

A very small amount of your own fat is removed from your body by Dr. Janowski. The area is numbed, and a small cannula is used to draw out a small amount of fat. The amount used is not noticeable enough to leave an indent or irregularity, and the technique used to remove it is quick and almost painless.

The fat is then processed using a series of ever smaller filters – until just your purified, viscous nano-fat remains. Your nano-fat is the smallest particle size and contains stem cells – which are then used to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. We think of it as sort of a super-charged, superior plasma or PRFM facial.

The nano-fat is then microneedled into your skin – using a small, pen-like device with thin, rapidly moving needles. This allows the stem cells to penetrate into your skin, healing small skin irregularities, hydrating your skin and generating collagen.

The effect is a radiant glow and a healthy looking complexion.

We sometimes combine your nano-fat with PRFM (Platelet Rich Fiber Matrix) for a double-dose of healing and rejuvenation.

The stem-cell facial procedure can be repeated – and you should have minimal downtime. You will have some soreness in the area where the fat was extracted and a small entry point that, with proper care, should resolve easily – and you may have some redness and sensitivity to your face for 24-28 hours. We do advice you avoid strenuous exercise for a few days as you heal.

A stem cell facial is a fantastic add on to a Tickle Liposuction treatment – as you are already removing fat and have more than enough to process for a stem cell facial. You can also add a stem cell facial on to a fat transfer procedure – to multiply the skin rejuvenating powers of your own stem cells.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a great way to rejuvenate your appearance. Your skin is designed to constantly renew itself by making new cells to replace the old, dead, damaged, or dying ones, but, unfortunately, our skin doesn’t always shed the old ones fast enough. These old skin cells can hang on long past their prime, harboring environmental contaminants and holding onto their own damage. The result is sun spots, dull skin, saggy skin, and, of course, wrinkles. Way too many wrinkles. By removing these old dead skin cells, a chemical peel is a noninvasive treatment that can revitalize your skin, giving you a younger, healthier appearance.

At Sonata Aesthetics, we offer many skin rejuvenation options to our patients in Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield. You can read basic information about a chemical peel on this page or get personalized recommendations through a consultation with our Master Aesthetician. To set up your consultation, please call 303-469-0064 or email Sonata Aesthetics.

How a Chemical Peel Can Help

Chemical peels are a versatile treatment, offering improvement for many of the most common complaints about aging skin, including:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Saggy skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun spots and other sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin pigmentation

The amount of improvement you see depends on the type of peel used, and how responsive your skin is to the treatment. All our peels (but not all our facials) finish with a calming and cooling treatment, mini massage, and post-peel kit.

Vitalize Peel

The Vitalize peel is a special formula composed of salicylic acid and lactic acid, with a finisher of resorcinol and retinol. The goal is deep exfoliation while delivering healthy nutrients to your skin.

Rejuvenize Peel

Rejuvenize is a much stronger (1.5 times) version of Vitalize. With its added concentration, it accomplishes a much deeper exfoliation, and is capable of making a bigger difference for many of the commonly treated conditions.

Obagi Radiance

This chemical peel uses salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin. As a relatively mild peel, this is great for giving your skin a youthful sheen, targeting acne, and reducing the appearance of scars.

VI Peel

There are many skin peel formulations out there, and most of them are not worthy of mentioning by name, but VI Peel is no ordinary peel. It’s a new blend of nutrients and mild exfoliants that can give you dramatic results with less discomfort than comparable peels. If you thought you had to suffer to get great results from a facial or chemical peel, think again.

The best way to learn about the benefits of VI Peel is to talk to us in person about the formula and see the results for yourself. To schedule a VI Peel consultation in the Denver, Broomfield, and Westminster area, please call 303.653.9584 or email Sonata today.

Dramatic Rejuvenation Effects*

The VI Peel is one of the most effective chemical peels available. It can be used to improve the appearance of:

  • Hyperpigmentation and uneven pigmentation like melasma
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Dull skin
  • Limp skin
  • Fine wrinkles

Because of its unique formulation, VI Peel is much more versatile than other peels. It can be used for acne treatment for patients as young as 13, can be used on all skin types, and can even be used in the undereye region, which is typically avoided with peels.

What Makes VI Peel Special?*

You may wonder how VI Peel can achieve such dramatic results with so little discomfort. The secret is in the combination of ingredients. VI Peel combines five acids in its unique formulation:

  • TCA - trichloroacetic acid
  • Retin - A
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Phenol
  • Vitamin C

These acids range from the mild to the more powerful. Phenol acid is often used in deep chemical peels, but here it is used to help with penetration in a mild concentration so it is not too invasive. TCA can also be a deep penetrating peel, and here it helps stimulate collagen growth as well as allowing the other ingredients to penetrate the skin. Salicylic acid is important for its pain-reduction and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s closely related to aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid. It’s what your body turns aspirin into for pain relief. Retin-A is derived from vitamin A, and combined with vitamin C it gives VI Peel its nutrifying properties.

How Often Will I Need a VI Peel?*

Unlike milder peels and facials, you will see dramatic results from your first VI Peel. How often you need to repeat your VI Peel depends on how well you care for your skin and how much your skin ages. Some people can go six months between peels. More commonly, people have VI Peels about every three months to maintain the results.

If you would like to design your rejuvenating VI Peel treatment plan, please contact Sonata  today for an appointment.

IPL facials

IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light or Photofacial, is a well-known and time-tested broad band light device. IPL delivers a bright blast of light at very high energy levels through a handpiece. IPL photofacials work best for brown spots (due to sun or aging) and unwanted blood vessels – such as spider veins or rosacea on the face. IPL photofacials can also be used on the neck, chest and hands.

Best of all, IPL has little to no downtime or recovery. Treatments are quick and easy, with no preparation or numbing required. You will feel a series of slight “rubber band snap” sensations during the treatment, which most people find very tolerable.

You can return to normal activities immediately following the IPL photofacial procedure. After treatment in our Broomfield, CO office, some temporary darkening of the brown spots and vessels is seen. Brown spots rise to the surface and peel off, leaving behind your skin’s natural, even color.

We use the Lumenis Quantum device, which offers both high intensity power and flexibility, allowing Dr. Janowski to customize your treatment to meet your specific needs. Best results are achieved with a series of three treatments.

*Results may vary from patient to patient