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What is beauty? Beauty depends on a balance among many subtle aspects of your facial appearance: proper proportions and angles that create a pleasing impression. One of the aspects of facial appearance that people are often unhappy with is the balance between the jawline and the rest of the face. This can be caused by excess bone or overdeveloped muscles, and in the past required invasive jawbone reshaping. Now, though, we can use noninvasive Dysport® injections to reduce the size of the jaw muscles to create a more svelte appearance to your jaw.

There are many reasons why your jaw may appear large, and not everyone will benefit from Dysport® injections to the jaw. The best way to learn whether this procedure is right for you is to have an in-person evaluation by Dr. Lawrence Janowski. To get an evaluation for nonsurgical jaw reduction in the Denver, Broomfield, and Westminster area, please call 303.653.9584 or email Sonata Aesthetics today.

What Type of Jaw Reduction Is Right for You?

The jaw is a functional area of the face with a complex structure depending on the balance of fat, muscle, and bone to create its final appearance. Each of these could contribute to the appearance of a large jaw.

Some people naturally develop fat pads in the jaw or have cheek pads that descend down far enough to contribute to a broad jaw appearance. Other times, the effects of aging and gravity may cause fat pads from the cheek to descend, contributing to the appearance of a broad jaw. If fat pads are contributing to a broad jaw appearance, jaw reduction with Dysport® isn’t likely to help much.

For other people, a broad jawbone may be responsible for the appearance of a wide jaw. These people may benefit from jaw reduction, which we’ll explain below.

Finally, for many people the cause of a large jaw appearance is the overdevelopment of certain jaw muscles. Like any other muscle in the body, when you work your jaw muscles, they grow large and can create a bulky appearance.

How Jaw Reduction with Dysport® Works

Dysport® has a very simple mechanism of action: it causes your muscles to relax. By relaxing your jaw muscles, the injections can cause certain overdeveloped muscles to shrink again, restoring a more slender appearance of the jaw.

It’s important to know that Dysport® injections aren’t being used to relax all your jaw muscles. They don’t even relax an entire muscle. We’re really targeting a specific part of one muscle to cause precisely controlled changes in your appearance. Your ability to chew won’t be affected, though you might notice a slight change in the way you chew.

Some people might also see a reduction in the jaw bone. How can we accomplish this without shaving off bone with a grinder? The bones and muscles work in harmony together. The more your muscles pull on a bone, the more the bone will develop. With less tugging on the bone, the bone may decrease in size, sometimes enough to add visibly to the slimming effect, but never enough to lead to an increased fracture risk. We can’t guarantee bone loss, but we have seen it happen.

As a side benefit, many people with overdevelopment of these jaw muscles also suffer from headaches and jaw pain due to muscle hyperactivity. Dysport® injections can reduce related jaw pain and headaches.

If you are interested in jaw reduction with Dysport® in the Denver, Broomfield, Westminster area, please contact Sonata Aesthetics today.

*Results may vary from patient to patient