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Serving Denver, Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder, Arvada, and surrounding areas.
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We think skin care should be a part of your all-important self-love ritual and we seek to support you in taking care of yourself.

Because we believe that when you are full and radiant, the world gets a better you!

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About Us

At Sonata, our passion and our joy is helping you live confidently. We believe in educating you on all your options in order to help you find the best solutions, and a do full, educational, and complimentary consultation with every new patient. We are passionate about helping you achieve naturally beautiful results. And we will be here for you, every step of the way, as your partner and friend.

I am honored to have been able to practice aesthetic medicine in Colorado since 2004, and am continuously committed to ever-expanding my own knowledge base and skill, and to bringing that expertise back to you. As a national physician trainer for several aesthetic companies, I am fortunate to have access to the most cutting-edge, innovative, and naturally-effective aesthetic choices and customize every treatment plan to what will best serve you, my valued patient.

At Sonata, we believe in your right to Embodied Sovereignty and loving kindness. This idea comes from our CEO, Liz’s, deep and ongoing study of metaphysics, and is based on the idea that YOU deserve to take your divine throne in life and to live with spiritual, emotional, and physical confidence. We want to be your partner in helping you step out in to the world with confidence, to claim your destiny, to live your best life and to spread your gifts throughout the world. If we can play a small part in helping you reflect your best to the world, then we consider that a great honor.

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With Gratitude, Lawrence Janowski, MD

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