Serving Denver, Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder, Arvada, and surrounding areas.

Serving you since 2004, Sonata Aesthetics, located in Broomfield, has developed an outstanding reputation throughout the state of Colorado by offering cutting-edge non-invasive procedures in a caring and compassionate environment. All of our services are non-surgical with limited to no down time, and are designed to help you “reflect your best” with beautiful, natural results.

Each visit to Sonata begins with a complete, complimentary, and educational consultation with Dr. Janowski, which is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. We want to get to know, your goals, your concerns and your aspirations. We often ask patients to bring in a photo of themselves that they think best reflects their own beauty. This helps guide our treatment recommendations.

There are a wide array of treatment options – all aimed at helping you live your most confident life.

Dr. Lawrence Janowski is the medical director and President of Sonata, and unlike many other med-spas in the state, he is on-site full time and provides all injectable services personally. He has extensive training in the uses of Neuromodulators, fillers, threads and other minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, Dr. Janowski is a national-trainer, teaching other physicians from across the US in the best uses of aesthetic injectables. At Sonata, you get a physician’s expertise and careful eye for quality, detail, and safety.

We have a master aesthetician on site and our staff are home skin care experts – helping you support and maintain your treatment results.

We pride ourselves on exceptionally compassionate, kind, and generous care. And it is our honor and pleasure to help you live confidently from head to toe.

I’ve had minimal work done (injections) with Dr. Janowski, although post appts I have never felt more beautiful. He doesn’t treat patients as clients, he treats us as friends with individuality-making each of us our best selves.  Never recommending more then is needed, and; if anything, erring on the side of caution.  Which in this industry is a rarity.  He may be, by far, the best Doctor in this profession. Let me be clear on “best”. Dr. Janowski is highly respected among other doctors & peers, with technical skills that could impress the toughest critics. A legend in his specialty. – Wendy S., 5/13/17

A Love Note to Our Patients

janowskifall2016-6292 live your most confident and beautiful life by offering aesthetic treatments that enhance your natural beauty. Just as you might embrace fitness or nutrition as a way to live your most confident life, we know that our cosmetic services give our patients a way to reflect on the outside the way they feel on the inside – beautiful, radiant, confident and alive.

Dr. Janowski, who founded our practice in 2004, is constantly training, learning, teaching others, practicing, and traveling the world to find the most innovative, non-surgical (or micro-surgical) procedures that will give our patients what they way – beautifully natural results.

Dr. Janowski’s wife, Liz, serves the practice behind the scenes and is passionate about creating a space of acceptance, kindness, empathy, and love for our patients. Our staff is highly attuned to your needs and are here to educate you, engage with you, and most importantly, to care for you. We are truly honored and full of gratitude for the faith and trust so many of you have placed in us for the last 12 years.

We are a family business – Dr. Janowski and Liz are here every day to serve you – and our wonderful staff, most of whom have worked for us for many years – are filled with compassion and deeply
passionate about the work that we do.

We love our patients – and we are joyfully honored to do work that speaks to our hearts, every day. Thank you for your support and if we haven’t met you yet, we look forward to serving you soon.


We do not publish our prices online simply because they change often as we incorporate the newest and most effective services. Dr. Janowski is always researching, traveling, teaching others, and learning about what will work best for our patient’s concerns. Therefore, we are always adding new treatment options.

Please reach out for a full price list. Our amazing staff is also happy to answer questions over email or phone.

All prices include a complimentary, complete and educational consultation with either Dr. Janowski or our Medical Aesthetician. We pride ourselves on offering a very complete consultation, where you will have time to ask any and all questions and fully explore your options.

Generally, most people do services on the same day of their consultation, with the exception of some of our micro-surgical procedures which require a little more planning.


Sonata is a non-tipping facility. Tipping is not customary at Sonata because we are a medical office. The best tip we can receive is your repeat business and referrals.

Our price is your final price – without the need to fork over an additional amount as a tip.

The Sonata Difference

Sonata Aesthetics was started by Dr. Janowski in 2004. Dr. Janowski’s passion for helping people feel their most confident, combined with his incredible technical skill, has always been the cornerstone of Sonata. We have been serving the Denver and Boulder region for over ten years, and our loyal patient base only continues to grow.

At Sonata, we are committed to offering you the most accurate, most complete and most medically-sound treatment plan. Dr. Janowski does a full and complete educational consultation with every client, and together you create a customized treatment plan that best matches your goals and needs. We use state-of-the-art technology, like the VISIA Skin Analysis system, to give you your most relevant skin care plan. It is all a part of our commitment to exceptional service, results, and treatment.  At Sonata, you get next level care and next level treatments.

What makes us different


The cornerstone of our relationship with every patient at Sonata is education. Our highly-trained medical staff spends the time from the very first phone call or email to our office to educate and inform you about your best treatment options. From injectibles and laser treatments, to peels, microneedling and acne facials, to at home medical-grade skin care, we are your team for learning about how to take the best care of your skin. Dr. Janowski takes the time to get to know you with a thorough educational consultation. He analyzes your face and skin, and educates you about the latest, most relevant, and most effective treatment options. We also make videos and blogs weekly with demonstrations of procedures, tips about skin care, and insights into new treatments.


We care about each one of our patients. We will follow up with you after your treatment. We will work with you to deliver exceptional results, and we care about your feedback.

The staff at Sonata Aesthetics is unsurpassed by any Medical Spa. They make you feel comfortable, relaxed and important. They take time to explain and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Janowski is very professional and passionate about his work. He put me in a relaxed frame of mind and never made me feel rushed. Overall, a very good experience. – Teresa M., 6/24/17


We stand by our work and treatments.  Dr. Janowski is not only the Medical Director, he does every injectable and laser treatment. Our aesthetician was personally mentored by Dr. Janowski and he oversees every one of her treatments and treatment plans.

We are a family-business. Dr. Janowski’s wife, Liz, manages the practice. She is committed every day to patient education through blogs, videos, and facebook, to ensuring the highest level of customer care, and to having the best trained and kindest staff in the city. You may even see Dr. Janowski and Liz’s son, Eli, in the office from time to time.

We also have a pro-bono program where we select deserving women in our community for a total transformation makeover. These makeovers have changed lives and helped our winners to feel more confident and more engaged in their lives.*


Because Dr. Janowski is actively involved with every patient, you have access to the best and most advanced treatment options. We focus on treatment options that we know work. Dr. Janowski sees thousands of patients each year, and is exceptionally skilled in his use of fillers and Dysport®.  He has trained other physicians in the best practices for neurotoxins, filler, and laser treatments. He is also committed to his own advanced training and attends several workshops annually to hone his skill and learn about new treatment options.

Our Consultation Process

We see so many new patients each month and we are so grateful and honored to welcome each one of you in. We really believe in our mission of helping you live confidently and feel your best and most beautiful – and it is such a pleasure to serve each one of you.

Your visit to Sonata generally begins with a phone call to our office and a chat with our wonderful First Impressions Coordinator, Julianna. She is going to chat with you about your goals and concerns and then help you find an appointment time that fits your schedule. She will explain a little a bit about our consultation process, and then send an email with videos, paperwork, and directions – all with the goal of helping you feel comfortable and welcome.

When you walk in to our office, my amazing staff is here to welcome you in. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease. We might have a bit of paperwork for you to complete, and then our staff will welcome you back for a computerized skin care analysis. We have a really cool VISIA camera which allows us to look beneath your skin and get an objective analysis of your skin health. The VISIA shows us things the naked eye cannot see – like brown spots and pigment that haven’t come to the surface yet, broken blood vessels and redness, your propensity for acne – and your overall skin age. The VISIA allows us to give you a very customized skin care plan – and get to know more about you, your needs and your concerns. We hope it begins a lifelong conversation with us about your skin health. We may suggest some home skin care products to help tackle your top concerns or services like IPLs or Chemical Peels with our master aesthetician to improve your overall skin health.

After we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about you in our VISIA analysis, you will almost always meet with our Patient Services Manager, Jeanette. She is an amazing person and has been Dr. Janowski’s right hand gal for years. She will chat with you about the specific reasons for your visit – and talk to you a bit about why the face ages and why you may be noticing some of the issues that are bothering you. She will start the conversation with you about some of our most popular services – from neurotoxins like Dysport® to relax the muscles that cause the repetitive expressions that lead to wrinkles in the upper face — or fillers with add volume back in to all the places we lose it over the years.

She then pops out and grabs Dr. Janowski who will come in to work with you to create a specific plan that matches both your goals and your budget. We want to make a treatment plan that works for you today – and for years to come – as we love being your lifelong partner for all your anti-aging concerns. We also always have new treatments as Dr. Janowski is dedicated to constantly learning and traveling to see other top Docs in the US and Canada – and is committed to bringing the most innovative and effective treatments to our patients.

After you’ve decided on a plan that works well for you, 90% of our patients do treatment on the same day. Dr. Janowski will go to prepare the products you will be using that day – and Jeanette or one of our staff will take you for some quick “before” photos. These photos aren’t seen by anyone but us – and help us have a good baseline to look back on where you started with treatments.


Sonata Aesthetics is committed to establishing and sustaining an equitable community and staff that promotes understanding and empathy. Sonata rejects all forms of racism as destructive to our mission, vision, values and goals.

As a part of our commitment to our community, we regularly donate to The Longmont Community Justice Partnership and the NAACP.