by Elizabeth Janowski, VP

One of patient’s major concerns is pain. Some patients have heard tales of painful injections, and others are fearful of the needle itself. Dr. Janowski takes the concerns of his patients very seriously, and does everything he can do to make their experience as painless as possible.

While he cannot inject the Botox® or fillers into your skin without a needle, he does several things to make the experience comfortable for his patients.

1. He uses a very small needle to inject Botox®. The needle used is an insulin needle – with a very tiny tip. The smaller the needle, the less you will feel it.

2. He reconstitutes the Botox® with bacteriostatic saline. This is known to reduce the pain or “stinginess” often associated with a Botox® injection.

3. For filler injection, when possible Dr. Janowski uses a micro-cannula, which is a blunt needle that allows for more precise placement of filler. It also does not “cut” through tissue, meaning you will have less brusing and less pain than with a needle injection.

4. For injections of filler into the lips, he always uses a dental block. This numbs the treatment area. Lips are particularly sensitive, and we cannot even imagine a practicioner doing a lip injection without a dental block numbing injection prior to treatment.

5. Almost all fillers are mixed with lidocaine, which is a pain killer. This means the filler itself is “numbing” the treated area while being injected. These leads to more comfortable treatments.

6. Dr. Janowski’s uses his own trademark “snap” technique. This means he inserts the needle very quickly into the skin using a specialized hand technique he has honed over thousands of injections. The more quickly you insert the needle, the less trauma you cause, and the less pain patients feel. Once the needle is inserted, patients often feel very little discomfort and Dr. Janowski can then carefully place the products in their best location. Most of our patients describe a pain-less experience with Dr. Janowski – and most say it is the “easiest” injectables experience they have ever had.

See a demonstration of the “snap” technique below:

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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