Empowered Beauty Affirmations

In all the rush of daily life, I know I can become caught up in thinking patterns that no longer serve me well. One way that I’ve found to change what, for me, can become a nagging negative cycle is to create and verbalize affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you create (or find) with

Loving kindness

Five years ago I was gifted what would turn out to be one of the greatest opportunities of my life. My new husband, Dr. Janowski, was looking to make a change, and so was I. He had been helming Sonata solo since it’s inception in 2004. His technical skill was there and he could give

I went IN to my body to find my soul

I’ve spent most of my life firmly in my head. I think most of us have. In our world, our mind is our priority. We spend our life thinking, talking, communicating, and processing. As children, we are told to sit in chairs when we might feel like running around. We are told to get up

Makeup Free Beauty = Collagen

We’ve started a series of blogs on Makeup Free Beauty. More and more celebrities are touting their makeup-free look. Perhaps a very lucky few may be endowed with genes that keep them preternaturally youthful, but most famous people – and the rest of us – are going to have to work at it. Collagen is

What’s a consultation at Sonata like?

by Elizabeth Janowski We see so many new patients each month and we are so grateful and honored to welcome each one of you in. We really believe in our mission of helping you live confidently and feel your best and most beautiful – and it is such a pleasure to serve each one of

What is a great treatment to start with?

  By Elizabeth Janowski We often get asked “what is good treatment to start with”? Maybe you’ve heard about Botox®/Dysport® or fillers from your friends? Maybe you talked to someone who had a chemical peel? Or maybe you have noticed your face is looking a little older in photos and you want to look a

What skin care products should I be using every day?

by Elizabeth Janowski I often get asked by friends and acquaintances what skin care products they should be using – and what brands I recommend. Certainly, navigating the billion dollar skin care industry is complicated and confusing. And with new products and brands entering the marketplace all the time — each making their own amazing

Skin Quality – Your First Step for “No Makeup” Beauty

Pamela Anderson is apparently the latest celebrity to embrace the minimalist/no makeup movement. (http://hellogiggles.com/pamela-andersons-minimal-makeup-totally-new-look-looks-stunning/) Alicia Keys seems to have started it off in the summer of 2016 when she showed up at the MTV Music Video awards with what looked like, GASP no makeup on! Since then, it’s become a movement (see #nomakup on Twitter).

Why Yes, we do keep getting better looking!

One of the amazing benefits of working at Sonata is that we all do the treatments that we promote to our wonderful patients. In fact, in most cases, we are the (very willing) “guinea pigs” who demo the treatments before we roll them out to our patients. We want to ensure that all the treatments

A Guide to Navigating Our Services: Live Confidently with Sonata

Serving you since 2004, Sonata Aesthetics has developed an outstanding reputation throughout the state of Colorado by offering cutting-edge, non-surgical procedures in a caring and compassionate environment. Our services range from microdermabrasion and Dysport® to more advanced treatments like thread-lifts and micro-surgical neck and J-Plasma face-lifts. It is our goal to help you “reflect your