by Elizabeth Janowski

We see so many new patients each month and we are so grateful and honored to welcome each one of you in. We really believe in our mission of helping you live confidently and feel your best and most beautiful – and it is such a pleasure to serve each one of you.

Your visit to Sonata generally begins with a phone call to our office and a chat with our wonderful First Impressions Coordinator, Julianna. She is going to chat with you about your goals and concerns and then help you find an appointment time that fits your schedule. She will explain a little a bit about our consultation process, and then send an email with videos, paperwork, and directions – all with the goal of helping you feel comfortable and welcome.

When you walk in to our office, my amazing staff is here to welcome you in. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease. We might have a bit of paperwork for you to complete, and then our staff will welcome you back for a computerized skin care analysis. We have a really cool VISIA camera which allows us to look beneath your skin and get an objective analysis of your skin health. The VISIA shows us things the naked eye cannot see – like brown spots and pigment that haven’t come to the surface yet, broken blood vessels and redness, your propensity for acne – and your overall skin age. The VISIA allows us to give you a very customized skin care plan – and get to know more about you, your needs and your concerns. We hope it begins a lifelong conversation with us about your skin health. We may suggest some home skin care products to help tackle your top concerns or services like IPLs or Chemical Peels with our master aesthetician, Laurel, to improve your overall skin health.

After we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about you in our VISIA analysis, you will almost always meet with our Patient Services Manager, Jeanette. She is an amazing person and has been Dr. Janowski’s right hand gal for years. She will chat with you about the specific reasons for your visit – and talk to you a bit about why the face ages and why you may be noticing some of the issues that are bothering you. She will start the conversation with you about some of our most popular services – from neurotoxins like Botox® and Dysport® to relax the muscles that cause the repetitive expressions that lead to wrinkles in the upper face — or fillers with add volume back in to all the places we lose it over the years.

She then pops out and grabs Dr. Janowski who will come in to work with you to create a specific plan that matches both your goals and your budget. We want to make a treatment plan that works for you today – and for years to come – as we love being your lifelong partner for all your anti-aging concerns. We also always have new treatments as Dr. Janowski is dedicated to constantly learning and traveling to see other top Docs in the US and Canada – and is committed to bringing the most innovative and effective treatments to our patients.

After you’ve decided on a plan that works well for you, 90% of our patients do treatment on the same day. Dr. Janowski will go to prepare the products you will be using that day – and Jeanette or one of our staff will take you for some quick “before” photos. These photos aren’t seen by anyone but us – and help us have a good baseline to look back on where you started with treatments.

Then you will head back to our beautiful treatment room where Dr. Janowski and his wonderful medical assistant Krystyna will be waiting. Dr. Janowski is hyper-concerned with your comfort and we have many pain control tricks – including having Krystyna in the room to hold your hand and assist Dr. Janowski. We want your treatment to be as comfortable and efficient as possible – and Dr. Janowski and Krystyna are there to serve you.

After your treatment, Dr. Janowski will hand you a mirror so you can see the results for yourself and then Krystyna will walk you up to the front. She will explain some after care recommendations – and then give you a little ice and/or arnica to take home with you, if needed.

We will then follow up with you 5 business days after your treatment. We have found that this is the best interval within which to follow up with you – although we always encourage questions sooner, if needed. We have a text phone where you can send us photos and questions at your convenience -and we are always here to help you. No question is too small or too silly – we want you to feel comfortable.

We hope then to see you again soon – to work on some of your other concerns, to check in, or to receive your next treatment. We want to be your lifelong partner – and we are totally committed to serving you and to educating you on all your best anti-aging options.

We love serving our community  – and have been here since 2004 delivering exceptional care and life-changing results.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / March 15, 2017 / Med Spa