Great skincare…. It’s as easy as A- B- C!

Over time… Sun exposure, environmental stressors and pollution take a toll on healthy skin; breaking down collagen and elastin resulting in lines, wrinkles and reduced elasticity.  In other words, it’s not the years that age us—it’s the miles!  It’s worse in the city… especially this Mile-High City!  What can we do?  Prevent and Protect with an ABC regimen!   Add these three essential steps into your daily/nightly skin care routine for the ultimate in aging defense!


Retin A:  Used nightly, this prescription powerhouse strengthens your skin’s own defense system.  Retin-A increases cell turnover and thickens the dermis so your skin can heal and protect itself.

Retin A also improves skin quality; resulting in decreased pore size, smoother all-around texture and a reduction in mild to moderate wrinkles.

Retin-A comes in a variety of strengths- we would be happy to customize the best option for your skin.


Block: Prevent burning and block the sun’s harmful rays.  Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays by choosing a sunscreen containing zinc and/or titanium dioxide.  Chemical sunscreen may prevent burning but can’t effectively block the rays responsible for aging.  Don’t forget to reapply often.


C Serum: Used in the morning, vitamin C- a powerful antioxidant- neutralizes free radicals and prevents environmental damage throughout the day.  Without the protective benefit of a daily C serum, the damaging free radicals in the environment break down collagen resulting in decreased elasticity.  An added benefit… C serums are also proven to brighten, lighten and tighten the skin over time.

With regular use, the ABC skincare regimen will protect your skin and prevent aging.  Talk to us today to learn more! <3

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / November 15, 2019 / Med Spa