Healing our world

Restorative justice for healing our divided world As we all begin to process the enormity of the Black Lives Matter protests around our country, Dr. Janowski and Liz have been in deep reflection about how we can make a meaningful and ongoing contribution to the social change that we believe is a part of the

Safety at Sonata

Safety, COVID-19, and Sonata Are you looking to be treated by the absolute best and have no worries about being kept as safe as possible during these uncertain times? This is the place to go. I just left Dr. Janowski and his amazing staff after having a (long overdue) treatment done. I feel amazing, refreshed,

Thrive during quarantine

How to thrive, not just survive, during self-quarantine We are open by appointment only! Things may look a little different at Sonata. But we are still the same loving, joyful team — and we’ve be anxiously awaiting the chance to serve you again! In this wild, weird and trying times, there are many things we

Skincare at 50

Skincare Secrets for People Over 50 It’s no secret that aging has a major effect on the skin. Dryness, wrinkles, sensitivity, discoloration, and fine lines are all things your skin can experience once you’re over 50. While some signs of aging skin are unavoidable, others can be delayed or even prevented.  Dermatologists and medical aestheticians

Sonata’s promise

Your Empowered Beauty Team: Working in partnership We are here to work with you to help you reflect your best to the world and to encourage you to live your most confident life. However, aesthetic medicine is an imperfect practice, and everyone responds differently to our treatments. This can sometimes mean you will need a

New Product Spotlight

DefenAge 8 in 1 Bio Serum and Alto Defense Serum At Sonata, we are always on the hunt for the best new medical grade skin care products to compliment and enhance your injectable and aesthetic procedures.     Anti-aging skincare is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States.  As a consumer, it can be confusing to sort

Loving you first

I am sure that you, like me, have many people that depend on you. There are many people that need you to show up for them every day. Colleagues, and children, and friends, and parents and spouses all look to you to help make them full. There is a saying that you can’t give from

A complaint free Sonata

No Complaining Zone! by Elizabeth Janowski Our goal is to support each of our clients by providing them with options to reclaim their face, their bodies, and then, the world. One of the ways we aspire to do that is ​by creating an environment of loving kindness, where all clients feel appreciated, accepted, and beloved.

Could screen time be aging you?

The average American devotes 10 hours a day to screen time, and all that time in front of computers, phones, and tablets is aging us. TVs, smartphones, and computers emit a blue light, also known as High-Energy Visible light (HEV). It is said that this HEV light penetrates the skin more deeply than UV rays

Look like YOU

When talking to friends, I find one of the biggest anxieties about having a little work done is the fear that you won’t look like yourself. I think this fear is rooted in celebrity culture and general misconceptions about what aesthetic medicine can be about. We live in a world of Real Housewives and Kardashians