Safety, COVID-19, and Sonata

Are you looking to be treated by the absolute best and have no worries about being kept as safe as possible during these uncertain times? This is the place to go. I just left Dr. Janowski and his amazing staff after having a (long overdue) treatment done. I feel amazing, refreshed, and ready to take on this new world and I have zero concerns about going back in a few weeks for my next appointment. They have everything covered!! Also, if you do decide to have a visit with them, I am excited for you!! =) – Jill J. 5/13/20 from Google

In this wild, weird and trying times, there are many things we do not know. Dr. Janowski and his team are doing the best they can to stay up to date with the most accurate scientific information and recommendations from the medical boards, the US government and the state of Colorado.

As we prepare to re-open after the state-wide lockdown ends, it is our priority to keep our staff, and YOU, safe. To that end, we have established internal sanitation and safety guidelines, as recommended by the CDC. Things may feel a little different at Sonata, but we are still here to give you world class customer service, in the best way that we can.

Some of our safety protocols:

  • Our staff will be wearing masks. Dr. J and his assistant will have face shields on as well.
  • We will be asking you to maintain social distancing from other patients when in the office, and will be adjusting our protocols and schedule to encourage that.
  • We asking you to wear a mask in the office. If you don’t have one, we can provide one.
  • We love your children, but we ask that you come to your appointment solo.
  • We will be sanitizing surfaces as much as possible and have regular, timed sanitizing breaks.
  • We will be asking you to wash your hands when you come in to the office.
  • We will be taking your temperature and recording it when you come in to the office. If you have a fever, we will let you know and you will be asked to leave.
  • We have ordered the most effective UV sterilizing lights and state-of-the-art air filtration systems for our office.
  • We have developed a screener with some relevant health questions, and will be asking you those when you schedule an appointment. We may have to postpone appointments for our higher-risk patients.
  • We will be spacing out appointments and you will be spending less time in the lobby and more time in consult or treatment rooms. Expect to be whisked in to a room and to have your needs handled there.
  • Because we are spacing out appointments, you may have to wait longer than usual to get in to see Dr. Janowski.
  • We will be monitoring the health of our staff and doing everything we can to prevent infection.
  • If you want to buy products, we’d love that. We can fulfill your order over the phone or online at:, and can deliver your products by mail or safely right out to your car in our parking lot.

The most important thing you can do is to stay home if you feel unwell, or if you have been exposed to COVID. And you are more than welcome to wear a mask in our office – right up until we need to see your beautiful face.

If you have additional questions, please let us know. If you feel unsafe and want to postpone your appointment, don’t worry – we will be here for you whenever you are ready.



*Results may vary from patient to patient

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