Restorative justice for healing our divided world

As we all begin to process the enormity of the Black Lives Matter protests around our country, Dr. Janowski and Liz have been in deep reflection about how we can make a meaningful and ongoing contribution to the social change that we believe is a part of the promise of America.

We must begin with a recognition of our own privilege.

Both Dr. Janowski and Liz grew up with access to education, health care and enriching experiences that allowed them to go on to pursue advanced education and start our medical practice. Our practice has always been located in Broomfield, a safe and prosperous town in a beautiful and open-minded state. And we have been able to nurture a meaningful, heart-centered business with the expectation of safety and success. We are very, very blessed.

Gratitude underlines all of the choices we make in our practice.

We also want to assert clearly that racism of any kind is not acceptable in our office, amongst our staff, or in our interaction with our community. While we all miss things and can learn and listen more, tolerance is a core value of Sonata. It always has been and always will be. And we are dedicated to staying open to how we can be good examples of positive, progressive change.

Dr. Janowski and Liz started a foundation a few years ago and are dedicated to supporting causes ranging from the local to the global. One of the key causes that the Janowski family and Sonata supports is the Longmont Community Justice Partnership. This organization focuses on restorative justice practices to heal relationships, build community bonds, pursue alternative means of seeking justice, and keep people (especially youth) out of the criminal justice system. The goal is to restore harmony in the community by mediating a solution between the harmed party and the responsible person.

This work is truly mind-blowing, and can be useful for everyone in their conflicts and communications. It is also the kind of work that heals the world. It allows people to learn to work together across cultures, races, class, and ages to create positive solutions – and it deters people from entering into the fraught criminal justice and legal system.

We are enormous supporters of this work, and give to LCJP regularly. We believe reforming both the criminal justice system and the way all of us handle division and conflict is how we heal the world and become more attune to one another.

Check out LCJP – as they can speak much more eloquently about their groundbreaking work than we can. We feel lucky to be able to support them.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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