The secret to aging gracefully is…

The most important skin care product? Sunscreen! written by our Master Medical Aesthetician, Laurel Glenn Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen While many sunscreens block both UVA and UVB rays, they fall into two separate categories: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen (often known as mineral sunscreen). Zinc oxide sunscreens and titanium dioxide sunscreens fall into the latter category. Let’s take a

1 crucial ingredient for amazing skin

Maintaining high levels of vitamin C is crucial for healthy, glowing skin Written by our Master Medical Aesthetician, Laurel Glenn Vitamin C is a powerhouse nutrient for your skin – but since we can’t make vitamin C in our bodies, supplementation- topical and oral- is a great way to ensure we’re getting enough. How Vitamin

Glo skin care is here!

You have been asking for it! It’s finally here! Use coupon code SonataVIP for free shipping at our amazing new online skin care store! We love Glo! If you have tried their Tinted Primer, you know that Glo Skin Beauty has found the perfect balance of beautiful coverage and great environmental protection. The Glo Tinted Primer

Green Beauty is here!

Natural is beautiful! Sometimes our commitment to your skin is, well, skin deep. Yep, it’s true. We’ll keep after you about applying sun screen and the power of Retin-A till forever. And we are so listening to you – we hear that you are searching for proven totally natural and simple skin care solutions. Organic.

My exact skin care routine

Our CEO’s NEW Skin Care Regimen – for healthy, glowing skin! Ok, I’ll admit it. I am a skin care junkie. I am incredibly fortunate to get to experience and sample some of the best skin care products in the world. And I LOVE IT. I was that teenage girl making face masks from oatmeal

New Skin Care Lines at Sonata

Why the new Skin Care lines? As most of our clients know, Sonata is dedicated to offering skin care and anti-aging solutions that work. We are about solutions and value for your money, and we heavily test all the products and procedures we offer before rolling them out to our amazing patients. That means trying

Skin care made simple

Skin care can seem so complicated, especially when you start throwing around medical-grade terms like retinols and free-radicals. We’ve all heard about cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, and that’s a great first step in taking care of your skin. The world of medical aesthetics and prescription grade skin care adds new opportunities for next level care

Skin Care Resolutions

Treat yourself to great skin in 2018! As we step in to the New Year, we’ve been feeling so much positivity and hope. Our clients have been telling us about big plans in their lives – from getting married, to being the mother of a bride or groom, to starting a new job, or opening

Beauty is…

Skin Deep and Heart Open by Elizabeth Janowski It is my belief that there is a strong interplay between inner and outer beauty. At Sonata, while our focus is on the myriad of things you can do to feel your best on the outside, we are also profoundly interested in what can make you feel

Reverse Skin Aging with Sunscreen

Regular Sunscreen Usage Can Actually Reverse Skin Aging! We all know (or I hope we do) that sun exposure is the number one way that the skin ages. Simply put, UVA and UVB rays from the sun breakdown collagen, causing our skin to discolor, loose elasticity, and wrinkle. Daily, regular, and appropriate sunscreen use can prevent