Why the new Skin Care lines?

As most of our clients know, Sonata is dedicated to offering skin care and anti-aging solutions that work. We are about solutions and value for your money, and we heavily test all the products and procedures we offer before rolling them out to our amazing patients. That means trying them on ourselves, seeking out the highest quality offerings, and limiting our service options to only the best of the best.

For at home skin care products, that has meant carrying only medical grade, physician created skin care lines like Obagi, Skin Ceuticals, and Skin Better.

Medical grade means that the skin care products are lab tested and must prove the claims they make (unlike over the counter skin care brands, which can claim almost anything). Medical grade products are also allowed to offer ingredients in higher (and more effective) doses than the skin care you buy at the grocery or department store.

Obagi is definitely our number one seller, as the products just change your skin. It is a cult classic and one of the longest running skin care brands for a reason.

While we’ve carried other lines in the past, we just end up defaulting back to what we know works.

Our skin care recipe for most people follows the A, B, C s.

A: Vitamin A or Retin-A, the most time-tested and well-researched skin care product in the world, which promotes regular skin cell turnover, critical to healthy skin
B: block: Blocking the sun’s damaging rays with high-quality, frequently applied sunscreen
C: Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant that protects the skin from breakdown and an important part of any regimen

You will also want to add in a good cleanser, a moisturizer as needed, and (for most people) a hydroquinone product, such as Obagi’s clear or blender to suppress pigment production and clear up discoloration. And of course, a good sunscreen with a physical block (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) re-applied every 2-3 hours every day.

With regular use, these products will help you change your skin and then maintain a more youthful appearance.

We’ve all been using them for years, with great results.

However, there is more to skin health and overall wellness than just medical grade products. And so we have searched high and low to bring you some of the very BEST offerings in organic skin care that are luxurious, efficacious (they work), unique and joyful. (Wait, can a skin care product make you feel joyful? We think so!)

We are thrilled to roll out four new lines that compliment our current offerings. Will you still need your Vitamin C serum, Retin-A, and hydroquinone, yes!? But, do we have the best offerings in town (and online) to nourish your skin and care for your soul, and yes, bring a little joy to your skin care regimen? We think so!

We vetted, curated and researched products from around the globe in order to bring you the best of the best in organic skin care, all made in small batches, all eco-friendly, all good for every skin type, and all just delicious smelling and lux feeling.

These products not only fit in with our mission of offering solutions that work, they also fit with in our big goal of helping you live with more confidence and love the skin you are in. Self-care and nourishing yourself is important work that grows and enriches your soul. All of these new products allow us to offer you luxury, self-love and radiant, healthy beauty.

What’s New?

Patyka is one of the most revered and oldest skin care houses in Paris. They created the original skin care oil, Huile Absolue, and we adore their all organic, lux, unique line. All products are still handmade in France. We will be carrying their ridiculously yummy body washes, their hand cream (that sells out almost instantly), their body scrub, and of course, the Huile Absolue – which is amazing moisture for any skin type, along with their Overnight Serum, good for even acneic skin. We love Patyka (pronounced Pat-y-ka), and we know you will too.

lady suite skin care products sold online

Lady Suite is the first of it’s kind, intimate, organic, nourishing skin care oil for your “lady parts”. Meant to be used externally, it soothes this most delicate skin – reducing irritation, preventing ingrown hairs, improving coloration, and nourishing your skin so you can glow from below. It is already a huge hit in our office.

coola skin care products sold online

Coola is an all organic sun screen line. Using the physical blocks, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as its base, Coola is safe for any skin type. We LOVE their lip and scalp care lines – both of which are unique offerings that protect your fragile skin from damage.

kari gran skin care products sold online

Kari Gran is an all handmade, non-GMO, wild-harvested organic line made in Seattle. We fell in love with their Essential Balm and Essential Serum which offer super-absorbable, non-clogging, luxurious moisture for even the most sensitive of skin. All Kari Gran products contain no water and so are highly concentrated – meaning they should last a long time.
The lip whip is the product that put Kari Gran on the map, and it is a yummy, rich lip balm that comes in a number of fun tints, or clear. We also will carry their lovely cleansing oil. We love a cleansing oil as it tends to clean even better than a foaming wash, without over-drying the skin, and removes makeup effortlessly.

We hope these new product offerings will give you more chances to connect with yourself and nourish your body. We are dedicated to supporting you in living your best life – and we think these new lux products will help you do just that!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / June 25, 2018 / Skin Care Tips