In all the rush of daily life, I know I can become caught up in thinking patterns that no longer serve me well. One way that I’ve found to change what, for me, can become a nagging negative cycle is to create and verbalize affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you create (or find) with some frequency. I find saying them aloud (even in a whisper), daily, can shift my life and my thinking in incredible ways. The habit of saying aloud things you want, wish, or hope for, can move your mind towards attaining those goals. I think it is best to revise your affirmations as needed, and to use action verbs, as if the thing you want is already happening.

For example, instead of saying “I want a more loving relationship with my spouse”, saying “I have a loving and satisfying relationship with my spouse”, as if you already do. This subtle shift in tone takes the wishing away and makes what you want more actionable.

At Sonata, what we wish for you is that you live with Embodied Sovereignty. That is to step in to your highest good, to claim your divine throne, and to live with spiritual, emotional and physical confidence. If we can help you with some of that confidence, and allow you to spend more time sharing your gifts with the world, we consider that a great honor.

To that end, we wrote some Empowered Beauty Affirmations to share with you, and you can also watch them in the video here.

We recommend speaking them aloud as frequently as you wish.

We hope this spread some loving kindness in to your life- and it is such a pleasure for us to be able to share our gifts with you, every day.

1. I am worthy of loving praise.
2. I reflect my inner beauty to the world.
3. I step confidently out in to the world.
4. I live a life I love.
5. People around me respect me.
6. I eat healthy food that nourishes my body.
7. I radiate light.
8. My joy is evident on my face.
9. I spread kindness in my interactions.
10. I love the way I look!
11. I am beautiful inside and out.
12. I claim my face and my body.
13. I live with embodied sovereignty.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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