Minimizing downtime and maximizing results – a case study on recovery.

Recuperating from a procedure, especially when you experience physical discomfort post-treatment, or one where you may show signs that you’ve made a change to your appearance, can be daunting.

Our current society has a really complicated view of cosmetic treatments … on the one hand, the field is growing by leaps and bounds each year, with better treatments offered, and with more and more people giving themselves permission to claim their appearance and use the many tools available.

And, on the other hand, plastic surgery is a hot button issue which evokes deep feelings of fear, judgement, shame and longing in people.

Some of us may want to “hide” what we have had done, even though we know that others also have made positive, pro-active changes to their appearance.

Ultimately, having plastic surgery is a choice that only you can make for yourself, and one that should be made in the context of loving yourself before your treatment, during your recovery, and after healing.

Cosmetic procedures cannot heal deep inner wounds, but they can imbue you with a new confidence in and ownership of your body.

This is what we call Embodied Sovereignty™, which is a call for you to own your body, and to step in to full ownership of all that you are. For us, at Sonata, we have over 15 years of watching the transformative power of aesthetic treatments to allow our patients to live with expanded confidence. And we have also seen patients for whom the hurts they feel run too deep, and no amount of cosmetic work is going to “help”.

All self work is a journey of both accepting yourself as you are, and accessing the tools that are available for transformation, if those tools call out to you. And if they don’t speak to you, then don’t use them. Cosmetic surgery is just one tool in the tool box of loving yourself, and one that should not be used on it’s own.

Exercise, friendships, therapy, clothing, following your passions … all of these are also tools that can help you live confidently. And this is our goal for you. If we can help you live a more vibrant life, please let us know. It is our honor, and we consider our service a sacred offering.

Our CEO, Liz, recently had a tummy tuck done by a wonderful colleague and friend, Dr. Jennie Emmett. Tummy tucks are not something that Dr. Janowski does, however, Liz has had many other treatments done with Dr. Janowski – from fat grafting to filler to liposuction.  Having a tummy tuck was a complicated decision because the recovery is so long, and while excess skin is removed, a long scar takes its’ place. Ultimately, after much deep consideration, it was the right choice for Liz. And during her long and uncomfortable recovery, there are many things she was able to reflect upon that would have made her recovery easier and more positive.

We recommend these to you as well. Take what fits for you, and discard the rest. Your recovery can be a powerful time of personal transformation. It isn’t often that we take the time to rest and rejuvenate. How enriching it can be to be forced to slow down, to spend time resting, and to have time to reflect upon your life.

Not all of our treatments have a recovery period. In fact, most don’t, or the recovery is so minor that it isn’t a “major” break, however, some treatments do, and any time that you give to yourself by receiving our treatments can be a time for healing.

Here are some tips that may aid you in making your recovery period, large or small, more enriching:

  1. Have a list of good books, movies, tv shows, or music you are excited to dive in to. Reach out to a friend who is a reader or a movie buff and get their recommendations. Having something to look forward to “doing” during your recovery can deeply enrich your time of rest.
  2. Tell friends and family and let them support you. Plastic surgery can have a stigma around it and some of us do not want to “tell” others what we have had done. This can leave you isolated when you most need some support. Telling trusted friends and family about your treatment and your recovery allows them to be your helper and cheerleader. A good phone call or a visit from a friend is something we all need.
  3. Have healthy foods available and ready in your home so that you are able to nourish yourself easily. Eating healthy before your treatment can also make your recovery easier.
  4. Find some amazing TED talks or YouTube inspiring speakers to listen to while you are on the mend … and use this time to get your own goals and visions in order. Perhaps buy a new journal to start recording your ideas and inspirations.
  5. Rest. This may be a hard recommendation, or an easy one, based on who you are – but your body needs rest to heal — so pick a time for your treatment when you can truly dedicate time to sleeping, resting, and otherwise giving back to your beautiful body.
  6. And this is more of a “don’t” do, but avoid diving deep in to the Internet as your sole source of information about how to recovery and what recovery looks like. Your Dr. and their team is here to answer any and all questions, and are a more trusted source of advice and support than any patient blog. Communicate with your medical team and let them help you. Read the post treatment instructions and follow them – and call with any questions. Let your team arm you with the information you need to have the safest and easiest recovery possible.
  7. Remind yourself why you are having this treatment done. If you start to get the post-treatment blues, keep a little reminder about just why you are having this treatment done … perhaps put it on a note card next to your bed to remind you that you are strong, resilient, and you will recover.
  8. Have something to look forward to – maybe you just had liposuction and are excited about the prospect of wearing a smaller sized dress to a party in a few months? Why not start scoping out that dress now and holding it out there as a positive reinforcement for why you had these treatments done?

We hope these recommendations help you use your healing time as a time to reset both body, mind and spirit, and to reconnect with the you that is always powerfully transforming your life.

With appreciation,

The team at Sonata Aesthetics

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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