Every day, we have clients visit our  Broomfield, Colorado office who are trying Botox®/Dysport® for the first time. In fact, it is estimated that over 5 million Americans will begin using Botox®/Dysport® this year alone. And Botox® and Dysport® procedures remain the number one most requested cosmetic procedure in the world.

Dr. Janowski injects more Botox®/Dysport® than almost anyone else in Colorado – and we can help guide you through your first experience. It is understandable to be a little nervous! We understand and here to help and support you through the process.

So what should you expect?

Get Educated 

We do a full, educational and complimentary consultation with every patient – and whether you visit us or not, we recommend you get informed by your provider. Every face is unique and a physician should work with you to create a treatment plan that matches your goals, needs and budget.

The average person receives between 40-50 units of Botox® in the upper face – which composes a complete treatment – but every face is unique. You may, for example, have very strong facial muscles, and need a few more units than the average person. Or you may want to treat the lines between your brows, but not your crow’s feet. We are always striving to give our patients natural-looking results – not a frozen appearance.

Your physician provider should listen to your goals and take a close look at your face before you go back for treatment. We also recommend that you have a “before” photo taken, so that you can really track changes after your treatment.

Be Prepared

The chances of bruising are quite slim, yet they exist. If you take fish oil supplements, try to stop taking them a few days before your appointment with Dr. Janowski. Also, age is a factor in the likelihood for bruises – as the older we are, the more likely we are to bruise.

Blink, You’re Done!: The Procedure

Don’t be surprised – getting Botox® is quick, easy and usually basically painless. In (usually) 15-30 minutes, the doctor will have talked with you about possible treatment areas, estimated the amount of product that’s ideal for you, and completed your treatment! The injections themselves feel like pin-pricks. There may be some redness or mild swelling that forms at the injection site. This should go away within a few hours. We give you ice to put over those red bumps to resolve them more quickly. If you have a history of easy bruising, consider using topical or ingestible Arnica. We will also give you some as you leave our office.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Botox® is the ‘gateway treatment.’ Once you see how quickly and easily you look years younger, coming to see us could become a regular tradition. Remember, that Botox® treatments aren’t permanent, and the effects last between 3-4 months. You will know it is time for more when you start to sell full movement in the treated areas again.

Post Pro

(That is Post Procedure) –  Dysport® starts to kick in within 1-4 days, while Botox® can take 3-7 days to see the full effect. Sometime Botox®/Dysport® can “kick in” a little unevenly, so give it a few days to a week to see the full effect. Of course, if you aren’t seeing results you love, give us a call. Occasionally, patients will need a touch-up to achieve the results they desire.

Do Your Research

If you are coming to see us at Sonata you know Dr. Janowski will perform your procedure, not a nurse or an PA. Dr. Janowski has served more than 9,000 patients since 2004. He’s ranked among the top 1% of physician injectors in America. His experience will make a difference for your first experience.

Post-treatment, you’ll be amazed to see a younger looking face staring back at you in the mirror…you’ll look less angry and stressed. You’ll still have facial mobility, it will just be somewhat reduced in the treated areas. Wrinkle lines will be much less noticeable…Our biggest warning is that it can be addictive! You probably won’t want to go more than four months before coming to see again – don’t worry, everyone we know is a repeat offender!!*

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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