Dr. Janowski had the privilege of training with Dr. Rajani of Portland, Oregon on Friday, April 8th in our offices in Broomfield, Colorado. Dr. Rajani is a national leader who travels the country speaking and training physicians on the best uses of injectables (like Botox®/Dysport® and fillers). He is also one of the first to pioneer the use of threads in the United States. Dr. Janowski is the first physician in Colorado to bring the Instant-Lift with threads to patients.

Dr. Janowski and Dr. Rajani worked together for several hours to provide a few lucky patients with total facial rejuvenation using fillers, threads, Kybella, and Dysport®. The results were breathtaking!

Dr. Rajani works with hundreds of physician injectors each year – and ranked Dr. Janowski in the top 10 he has ever seen or worked with, calling Dr. Janowski a true artist.

Dr. Janowski’s work with Dr. Rajani represents his commitment to advanced training and ongoing learning. He is constantly seeking out ways to improve his skills, learn about the newest techniques and technologies, and bring those advancements and skills to you, our fabulous patients!

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr Janowski. He has excellent injection skills and combines products in a very thoughtful and adept manner. He has a great aesthetic eye creating beautiful angles and restoration. He is a true artist and one of top physician injectors I have ever worked with.

He had recently moved into a great new location which was efficient , spacious and calming. I have no hesitation in endorsing his services. – Dr. Anil Rajani, 4/18/16

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