Ali's Story

What makes you feel beautiful?

Dancing, taking care of myself, exercising, getting massages and bodywork, rubbing oil on my skin, laughing, wearing sensuous fabrics, the way my husband looks at me

What are some unique parts of your life story that you would want to share?

My early adulthood was spent pursuing traditional accomplishments – marriage and a highly accomplished career.  A divorce in my mid 30s cracked me open and onto a much more exciting, fulfilling adventurous ride through life.  I found amazing teachers and mentors, personal and professional, which helped me cultivate an epic love with my now husband, a man who also wanted life to be an adventure of the mind, body and spirit, become a CEO and then retire in my 40s.  I now live a deeply embodied life, guiding other women to awaken their feminine intuition and eroticism, and to share those energies with the world.

Do you have anything about yourself that we can help you promote? 

All women deserve to feel powerful, beautiful and safe in their bodies.  I started Sensual Embodied Dance to help women reclaim the power and beauty of thefeminine that is their birthright.  Join us in person or privately via phone or video - discover the magnificent creature you were born to be!  or email

How do you feel we've helped you to "Live Confidently"?

Definitely!  Dr J’s conservative approach and talking me out of certain treatments has contributed as much as the gentle subtle treatments I have received.  He and all the staff at Sonata make me feel beautiful and accepted.  It’s a uniquely nurturing environment that encourages us to take care of ourselves, connect with and appreciate our natural beauty.

Would you recommend us, and why?

Yes for all of the above!  Sonata is a uniquely nurturing environment that encourages patients to take care of ourselves, connect with and appreciate our natural beauty.  The staff and environment are gentle, loving and kind.  Treatments are state of the art and you feel like you are getting just the right care to be your best self!

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