Courtney's Story

Professional, Late 20's

What makes you feel beautiful? 

Chocolate, running shoes, and messy hair!

What are some unique parts of your life story you want to share?

I have been blessed to enough to have been raised with a very very large and amazing family. Growing up with so many large personalities and being one of the youngest has taught me that you have an even bigger personality than the rest. I love to shine!!!

How do you feel we've helped you to "Live Confidently"?

The feeling of rolling out of bed with bed head and stinky breath and looking in the mirror and being able to say to myself ‘Dang girl you are hot as Hades,’ is the more liberating feeling in the world. Sonata has made this possible. I used to struggle with acne and was terribly embarrassed about the way my skin looked. I would take hours caking on make up so that others would not notice the way my skin looked. I have been coming to Sonata for almost 2 years and have almost all together stopped wearing make up on a daily basis because I am so much more confident in the way my skin looks.

Would you recommend us, and why?

Hell to the yeeaaas!! I have skin treatments, Botox, and injections done at places before and have not been happy with the results. At Sonata every time I leave I am happy. The best part of coming here is when you walk in the door everyone is genuinely happy to see you. I wish I could get poked and pricked every day just so I could see the Sonata staff.

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