Kelly's Story

Pilates teacher - early 60's

I love being able to look in the mirror and see my skin look radiant, with minimal lines and wrinkles, (a few smile lines are OK) and a bit of fullness of my cheeks. I'm a Pilates instructor and it's important that not only do I feel good but I look good as well. (Kelly Athey Pilates - 720.299.9930)

When I look good and I feel good I know I am a better teacher and a better person overall! Sonata Aesthetics has given me that confidence. I love the results that I have gotten from the procedures I've had done, including Sculptra filler.  It has given me great confidence in my work in the in my own personal life. I think anyone who is interested in improving on their own wonderful attributes will benefit from the diverse range of procedures offered at Sonata.

Dr Janowski has a very unique and skilled eye when looking at someone, and can help you to determine what you want and need to reach your own beauty and anti-aging goals. He and his staff can help you become the better you that you want to be!​

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