Sharon's Story

Retiree, volunteer, grandmother - late 60's

What makes me feel beautiful? When my husband tells me I look pretty today. Colors that brighten my mood and complexion. When I'm out with my 20 yr old granddaughter and people think I'm her Mom. Probably the number one thing that makes me feel beautiful is when my skin glows because it's just me looking in the mirror and feeling a freshness that only my skin can give me, smooth and soft.

My life story is one of being raised in a military family. Living in many different places in the world. I felt like I was always the new kid in school as I went to at least 14 schools in 12 years. At the time I hated always having to meet new people and make new friends, leaving friendships behind. As an adult I look back and I realize it gave me confidence, communication skills and influenced my concern and treatment of everyone I meet. It helped me in my career to succeed. I know it influenced my parenting and raising of my family, for this I'm eternally grateful. Influencing my children to be respectful of others, show kindness and concern.

I'm now retired and give time as a volunteer for Good Samaritan Hospital. I'm involved with Caring Canines.

This group shares their puppy dogs with the patients and their families. I take our little Maltese Kennedy and visit with the patients while they are recuperating or awaiting medical care. It is very rewarding to see the patients spirits lift while they are in the midst of medical treatments.I know I'm more confident when I present myself feeling and looking the best I can be. Sonata helps me to close the gap between my aging face and what my brain is telling me, meaning I always think I'm much younger than I am! My treatments (which are pretty non invasive and virtually painless) have taken years away. I use Botox, fillers, peels and some products to close that gap. I like using these non-invasive treatments to help keep me looking younger but more importantly energetic and confident.

I absolutely would and have referred to Sonata. I'm extremely confident with Dr. Janowski . He's made my treatments comfortable, with all expectations met. He's professional and caring. He listens to my concerns first then offers solutions. The staff is so welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. In the past I've gone to several different clinics, but Sonata is by far the best and I'm a customer for life!

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