Marti's Story

Early 60's

For me, feeling beautiful is a two-part process. You have to feel great inside through healthy food, wine (ok, that’s just fun!) and exercise. Then you have to feel pretty on the outside which, admittedly is the harder of the two processes…I think as we ladies age our ultimate goal is to be able to walk into a room full of people and feel confident that we look amazing!

We all have a story to tell after a certain amount of living – my story centers on my amazing husband who developed early-onset Alzheimer’s when he was 50. My movie-star handsome, amazingly sweet, romantic spouse became someone I didn’t know and my life’s focus changed to make sure he had the best care possible. After his passing several years ago I realized that I had neglected taking care of myself inside and out. I felt and looked old and hated that feeling. I had a choice to make: kick in and do something about it or just disappear. I chose to live.

I began the journey of exercise and healthy eating and had my first consult with Dr. Janowski at Sonata a few years ago to see if he could help. We embarked on a program of rejuvenation with Ultherapy, fillers, Dysport and laser work. Some services had an immediate affect – others took time to take effect but were well worth it. All and all, I feel and look like a much younger person and I’m truly enjoying my life now!

Wow, Dr J has reversed the aging process – I’m now told I look more much younger than my 62 years – and I believe it as I can see huge changes in the mirror, which can be a friend or an enemy! It’s now a friend…

I would absolutely recommend Sonata for so many reasons: Dr J’s talent and caring nature first and his interest in the latest products and techniques which he only introduces once he is confident the results will be beautiful. Next, a talented and dynamic staff that take a personal interest in every patient. Love the VIP promotions too and the new office – wow!

​Two organizations were key in helping my husband and me through his ordeal: The Alzheimer’s Association and The Denver Hospice group - amazing and supportive staff and I feel luck they were there for me! 

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