Cristina's Story

Professional, Mid 40's

What makes you feel beautiful? 

I feel beautiful when I get a good nights sleep, eat right, take care of myself, and give back to others. I'm fortunate I can serve others though my psychologist practice.

When a client trusts me and shares their experience and allows me to help them find solutions and strategies that work for them I am eternally grateful to share in the process of helping to alleviate some human suffering.

I also find great joy in my fitness and health coaching business. I love helping other women gain important knowledge about nutrition and learn to implement fun challenging ways to exercise to improve their strength and confidence (Follow me on Dr Cristina Mind/Body Fitness on Facebook and Instagram). 

And finally, I feel beautiful when my 3 year old daughter tells me that I am her brave and strong princess. We've been through some transitions lately and to know that I am being a good role model to her, completely fills my heart.

What are some unique parts of your life story you want to share?

Growing up,  I was lucky that I never had concerns about my skin. But, living mostly in Florida and visiting family in Italy for the summers, I got way too much sun exposure over the years. We all know that sun damage accumulates over time and I was not spared. However, it wasn't until I hit my 40s that I started to notice some major changes, particularly in my face. At age 41, I had a baby, lost 30 pounds after the "baby weight", and for the first time started to see deep wrinkles and a loss of plumpness and elasticity in my face. I saw my facial shape changing and it was getting way too narrow. I even started to look like I had a permanent frown and I had always been known by friends, family, and coworkers as being happy and laid back.  

My face was no longer reflecting how I felt inside. 

How do you feel we've helped you to "Live Confidently"?

Before entering the door at Sonata, I had never been to a Med Spa and it was a whole new world to me. I was nervous and didn't really know what to expect. I had no idea I was going to learn about so many amazing treatment options that naturally helped restore my appearance. 

Dr. Janowski and his team have educated me on so many interesting facets of skin care and I completely trust their recommendations. 

I am definitely living more confidently in that I feel my appearance reflects how I genuinely feel on the inside and I am no longer concerned about sagging wrinkles or a narrowing face that had started to make me not look like myself anymore. 

Would you recommend us,

and why?

I would highly recommend Sonata to all my family and friends and anyone I meet. The fillers I've used including Restylane and Sculptra have been incredible and have truly restored my face. Dysport and Vi chemical peels are amazing as well. 

I'm sure I will continue to be a part of the Sonata family for years to come. 

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