Allie's Story

Professional, Late 20's

Taking care of my mind body and soul makes me feel beautiful. Eating foods that work with my body instead of against it, cardio, yoga and meditation. Or even having an outfit that is 'on point'. For me, topping it off with fresh, glowing skin is the best accessory and makes me feel the most beautiful!

I grew up in Colorado and was a competitive figure skater for over a decade. I have also been a snowboarder for the majority of my life. My skin paid the price for what I love to do, especially in the sunny and dry Colorado climate! My face was exposed to constant cold and dryness which in turn gave me fine lines, uneven skin tone and overall dullness. Fast forward to my career as a dental hygienist. I love helping patients achieve a healthy smile, but unfortunately the protective face/eyewear I use daily gives me adult acne on my chin and forehead.

There came a point to where I accepted that the skin on my face was just always going to be unhealthy. I never thought I would like the appearance of my skin and I came to the conclusion I would have to use expensive make up tricks the rest of my life. Until I found Sonata...

Sonata has helped me live confidently by effectively treating the areas I was insecure about. The team at Sonata has given me knowledge on how to maintain healthy skin at home and with treatment done in the office. Dr. Janowski used Dysport for my fine lines yet has kept a soft appearance in my forehead and eyes. He also gave me fillers under my eyes to reduce the appearance of the dark circles I inherited. I also did a little filler in my mid-face to lift and define my cheekbones. All of this has made taking photos look ten times better!

Regular chemical peels keep my skin looking and feeling fresh, and it is reassuring to know that I am now able maintain the overall health of my skin in the future!

Sonata has given me the ability to feel confident meeting new people and even looking in the mirror. It feels so great to be proud of my appearance. Friends, family and coworkers ask me how I keep such nice skin. That question alone has given me so much confidence. I never thought I'd be a person to get asked a question like that.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Janowski and his team to my friends and family (I do all the time). Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly, and there are so many treatment options . I feel like they look out for my best interests when it comes to my skin and appearance. I do not have to worry about over-treating trouble areas, which made me feel very comfortable! Dr. Janowski has used a very light touch each time I received Dysport or fillers, and that was very important to me when recommending Sonata Aesthetics to my friends and family. Laurel, the aesthetician, has walked me through each step of my chemical peels and facials. Her knowledge and treatments have done so much for my acne!

Thank you Sonata for helping me love my skin!

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