Malaine's Story

Early 40's

What makes you feel beautiful? 

I feel beautiful when my heart is open and I am being kind towards myself and others. I feel beautiful when I'm with my friends and when I'm in a creative space.

What are some unique parts of your life story that you would want to share? 

I love to sing and dance and play!

I love to care for others, and I am a massage therapist and I love to do womens' circles of all sorts.

I've created a non-profit called Her-Haven with two of my dear friends that allows us to hold women's circles and care for women in our community.

Sonata has helped me live with so much more confidence. By helping me know that I can age gracefully, by helping prevent fine lines and by improving the quality of my skin, I am feeling better about myself than ever before. Also, before Dysport treatments, my frown line was quite intense and it had a way of making me feel like I looked like I was angry all the time.

I'm so happy that my face reflects my inner life now! I feel so much more confident in my skin! I am so grateful for Sonata and their team!!

Would you recommend us, and why?

Yes! Because your staff is so friendly and I trust Dr. Janowski and his wife so much to not let me go overboard and to do an amazing job, whatever procedure we decide.

I wouldn't go to anyone else!

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